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James Bishop, also known as "Tales", is a member of The Lost MC.


James was a member The Lost MC. He embraced the biker outlaw lifestyle and displayed a sense of pride when it came to informing others that he is a "one percenter".

At first, his President Dragon had some issues with him, mainly because Dragon didn't recruit him, but that changed over time and now he sees Tales as a valued member of The Lost MC, even giving him the nickname "Tales" because of the tales he is known to tell.

Bishop became brain-dead on October 4, 2018 after being shot in the chest with a Desert Eagle by Archie Cooper at Shaggy Dankweed's weed farm. On November 11, 2018, Magnus Frank pulled the plug to his life support after he, Giselle Garrett, and Eddy Dufresne said their final goodbyes to him.

Played By: DukeChute
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