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"Name's Bondage...James Bondage"

― James Bondage


James Bondage, a smooth-talking elderly man visiting the city of Los Santos to revitalize his career as a Porn-Star/Adult movie producer.


James speaks with a smooth Scottish accent, but has a slight speech impediment which causes him to pronounce the ending of some words with a "-sh" sound.

As successful former retired adult movie producer/star, James had been involved with a number of productions which he is proud to boast about to anybody within speaking distance. He returned to Los Santos after retiring from his successful career a unknown number of years ago, penniless after being divorced by his ex-wife. Seeking new movie opportunites, he saw potential in a number of Los Santos residents as adult movie stars, promising them roles in any new production that came his way. His current whereabouts however, are unknown.


Some of James' bigger film titles are listed below:

  • The Hunt For The Red C**ktober
  • The League Of Extraordinary Genitals
  • The Touchables
  • The C**k
  • James Bondage 0069: From Russia with Herpes
  • Goldfingered
  • Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Poon
  • Ass Bandits
  • Edward Penishands
  • Ocean’s 11 Inches
  • King Dong
  • The School of C**k
  • Throbin' Wood
  • The Sperminator
  • The Da Vinci Load
  • Drill Bill
  • Inspect Her Gadget
  • Missionary: Impossible