"Name's Bondage...James Bondage"

― James Bondage

Introduction[edit | edit source]

James Bondage, a smooth-talking elderly man visiting the city of Los Santos to revitalize his career as a Porn-Star/Adult movie producer.

Biography[edit | edit source]

James speaks with a smooth Scottish accent, but has a slight speech impediment which causes him to pronounce the ending of some words with a "-sh" sound.

As successful former retired adult movie producer/star, James had been involved with a number of productions which he is proud to boast about to anybody within speaking distance. He returned to Los Santos after retiring from his successful career a unknown number of years ago, penniless after being divorced by his ex-wife. Seeking new movie opportunites, he saw potential in a number of Los Santos residents as adult movie stars, promising them roles in any new production that came his way. His current whereabouts however, are unknown.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Some of James' bigger film titles are listed below:

  • The Hunt For The Red C**ktober
  • The League Of Extraordinary Genitals
  • The Touchables
  • The C**k
  • James Bondage 0069: From Russia with Herpes
  • Goldfingered
  • Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Poon
  • Ass Bandits
  • Edward Penishands
  • Ocean’s 11 Inches
  • King Dong
  • The School of C**k
  • Throbin' Wood
  • The Sperminator
  • The Da Vinci Load
  • Drill Bill
  • Inspect Her Gadget
  • Missionary: Impossible
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