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James Clifford is a former security worker at the Parsons Rehabilitation Center along with Ezekiel Zehring and Daisy Dawson. He is also a long time friend of the recently returned Violet Jones.



James has a background in guns and gun training from the military, so when he first came to the city he was looking to set up a gun safety training business. However, he was eventually hired at Parsons for security.

Return of a Friend[]

On October 30th 2018 his long time friend Violet Jones returned back in the city from thin air. Her return took James by surprise, seeing as he had held a funeral for her the previous year.

Upon finding her back again he started to take care of her as best he could, Though he was still looking for answers as to how she had come back. He has said to her that he cares about her like a sister.


Clifford's EMS career ended after an attempted morphine robbery on December 25, 2018 that led to Jason Sweeney, Monika Barker, and Clifford being shot with a sawed-off shotgun due to the refusal to drop all defenses against the robber (believed to be James Leets) and leave himself and the hostage Monika Barker and himself at the mercy of the robber who had already shot Jason Sweeney.