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James Graveson is a 34 year-old English man who has recently been spending time traveling around the world, most notably to Vice City, Las Venturas and San Andreas.


James Graveson moved to Los Santos after travelling around the rest of the country, notibly visiting Vice City and Las Venturas. Originally from Britain, his reasonings for travelling so much are only known to a few whom he trusts.

James has a background in mechanics and car parts, and has held down many jobs in the coty, from taxi driver, delivery man and tow driver. It was while he was a tow driver that he was approached by Gary Johnson to join Big Boi Customs (BBC), which he accepted. After holdin down the job for a while, James saw an advert which intrigued him, so he answered.

It was at this point that James left Big Boi Customs and joined Shalom Homes as a realtor. He was fairly successful at the role, selling many homes, and having many inquiries on large properties around the state. It was shortly after the new year where James had to inexplicably leave Shalom Homes after hearing about the bombings at BBC, where a few of his friends worked at the time.

A little later in the year, James was offered a job once again with BBC by one of his close friends Eva Barton, which he thankfully accepted as he was getting close to desperation in seeking employment.