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"Yeah but nah but"
―Jenny Bright


Jenny Bright is a British ghostbuster who arrived in Los Santos via a government reassignment to help solve the growing citywide problem of ghost sightings. She can often be seen riding around the city in a scooter filled with trackers to help in her ghostbusting. She talks to herself at times and also communicates with a mysterious Agent 0 whose identity is as yet unknown, and she refers to Officer Lucas Miller as her husband. Yet she also has Officer Blackwell as her second husband to ensure she shares he love around.

Recent Activity[]

  • 29/08/19 - Admitted to the hospital - Had a broken knee and a bleed on the brain
  • 30/08/19 - "Granny" drove her car down the steps at pillbox with Jenny Inside - Jenny got stuck in the car due to the recent break she had and her injury to her head was checked | Discharged from the hospital that day.