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A kind and relatively misunderstood man, Jeremy typically does what he can to make money that he can then put into a savings account for a daughter that he is unable to see or visit. A diplomat of sorts, Jeremy usually aims to solve things through words rather than violence but will defend his club and friends with extreme violence if necessary.


Imprisoned for fourteen years on false claims, Jeremy spent most of his young adult life behind bars. Once being released, Jeremy moved to Los Santos and wandered it alone and without connections before eventually finding himself hanging around The Lost Nomad M.C. bikers after getting one of their old bikes as payment for pushing drugs for them. He got a deal from Archie Cooper and regularly feeds information to him in exchange for money to send to his 14-year-old daughter whom he cannot see due to his ex-wife's restraining orders stemming from his criminal record.

Reginald's Burning and Jeremy's Induction[]

Due to a discovery by the Lost Nomads that a man by the name of Reginald Burher placed a bounty on the heads of the bikers, James Leets and Jeremy abducted the man and took him to Hill Valley Church. After a short interrogation, James ordered Jeremy to burn the man alive using a Molotov. Jeremy complied and in reward for his cooperation and compliance, was taken into The Lost Nomad M.C. in full as a prospect.