Introduction Edit

Jerry Cahn is the Chief Mechanic, Head of Maintenance, and Director of Janitorial Services for the DOPS. Jerry is beloved by nearly everyone in Los Santos and is respected by all cops and medics.

Biography Edit

As a young boy, Jerry loved to play chess and DnD. He also developed an odd love for the movie, Princess Bride and "would kill a man over it". He married his high-school sweetheart and was part of the Las Venturas Police Department for almost two years before his wife "got tired of him being shot at".

He had a son, who was in law enforcement before his death. That was the last police funeral he went to until Ayda's death - and he only made that exception because he considered her a daughter.

He has also proclaimed Jaden Thomas as his best friend, which is ironic due to the fact that his grumpy attitude makes him seem unlikable.

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