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Jerry Cahn was the Chief Mechanic, Head of Maintenance, and Director of Janitorial Services for the Department of Public Safety. He has now retired but remains a part-time deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Jerry is beloved by nearly everyone in Los Santos and is respected by all cops and medics.


As a young boy, Jerry loved to play chess and DnD. He also developed an odd love for the movie, Princess Bride and "would kill a man over it". He married his high-school sweetheart and was part of the Las Venturas Police Department for almost two years before his wife "got tired of him being shot at".

He had a son, who was in law enforcement before his death. That was the last police funeral he went to until Ayda's death - and he only made that exception because he considered her a daughter.

He has also proclaimed Jaden Thomas as his best friend, which is ironic due to the fact that his grumpy attitude makes him seem unlikable.

Played By: ZhaneTaylor
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