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Jesus "Chuy" Palafox

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Beginnings Edit

Chuy was born and raised part of his young life in El Paso, Texas until the age of 9 and in Mexico until the age of 29. His mother a Mexican U.S. citizen and father from Mexico on residency in the U.S. His father was deported to Mexico after getting arrested for reasons still unknown. His mother decided to move to a rural town in Chihuahua, Mexico where Chuy's father previously had a home to continue a life together as a family.

A small group of people have been growing marijuana in his small town for years for the Juarez cartel in order to be granted protection. Chuy was an only child with many cousins, one of those cousins working at the marijuana farm. In order for Chuy and his cousin to make money they would sell some of the weed his cousin was farming to the locals in the town and visitors in the nearby city.

He also had a couple jobs given to him by the Juarez cartel to move illegal product hidden in cars from the Mexico to the United States. Chuy met Ashton James during a few of the drop offs and became good friends. Chuy was making good money until he almost got caught due to driving with a busted back light after accidentally hitting a pole. He got away with a warning but since he was a burner that had a run in with the law the Juarez Cartel stop offering jobs to him.

Growing up Chuy loved gangster movies based in Los Santos and had dreams of moving there one day. He admired the respect and power the gangsters seem to have since he didn't have that himself in the small town controlled by the cartel. When his father became very ill they weren't making enough to afford the medical expenses. This gave Chuy a reason to move to Los Santos to make money to send back home for his fathers medical expenses.

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