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Jim Jam, also known as "Funky Fresh", is a homeless person who wanders around Los Santos.


After an injury and heavy abuse of alcohol during April 2018, Jim was admitted to the hospital and lost a kidney.

After getting shot by a local on May 20th, 2018, in an attempt to steal a golf cart, Jim Jam ended up in the hospital on life support and was in very bad condition. Jaden Thomas, his last known relative, was informed of the situation as his family member that he had two options: leave him on life support, which will turn him into a vegetable, or take him off life support. Jaden called the hospital and informed them to "pull the plug", not wanting to be present when it was done. His current status is unknown but he is presumed to be dead.

As of May 2018, Jim Jam has recently been heard from back in Los Santos.