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Johnny Davidson was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Born a larger kid than most, he was subjected to constant mockery. Johnny then turned to eating and drinking for comfort, causing the body issues to only get worse and worse. Although he is working on it, Johnny has a fast temper about his weight.


Davidson moved to Los Santos five years ago, after ordering a mail order bride and accidentally getting a green card.

One of his goals is to get everyone to eat as much as he does so everyone can be fat like him, due to his past of all the kids in school bullying him about his weight.

He has been Los Santos food eating champion five years running, breaking two world records for most food eaten, and most drinks consumed.

More recently, Johnny has been unhappy with his health and weight and has decided to enroll in a fat camp run by Avery Jenkins. He is hoping one day to show up one day and surprise everyone with his new, fit self. It was during a meeting with Avery Jenkins that Johnny spoke about friendships, particularly worrying about whether his turtle friend would accept him back with open arms.


"Oh, Dear."

'Would you like a pretzel?"