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Jordan Clyne was an affiliate of The Gambino Family.



Jordan Clyne was orphaned at the age of 7 after the still unsolved homicides of his mother and father. He was a troublesome youth, always running into the law for various violations. He turned towards robbing people at gunpoint and boosting cars. Jordan was brought into the Luciano Family, who were the prime suspects in the murder of his parents, when he had to flee Vice City due to fear that the Luciano family would kill him next. Jordan moved to Los Santos.

Involvement with the Gambinos[]

When he moved to Los Santos Jordan continued to jack cars and rob people. Eventually, Luca Gambino noticed Jordan and invited him to join The Gambino Family. Jordan and his friend Kudo Kai had a run in with Willie Brown in front of the Misson Row PD that ended with a shootout between the two where Jordan and Kudo were detained. This got back to the Gambinos and led to Jordan being ordered to a meeting with Luca, Erik Falk, and Edward Jasper. This meeting took place in a basement down in the south of the city by the docks. After the meeting, Jordan Clyne disappeared. He was last seen on Covenant Avenue in the Davis District by a man named Victor at approximately 09:35 on July 13, 2018. His current whereabouts are still unknown. There has been no activity on his phone or his bank account.