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Jose Thomas is a low-level thug, usually seen rolling with his brother Julio.


Jose Thomas has at least one younger brother, Julio Thomas. Little is known about Jose's past other than, unlike Julio, Jose actually succeeded in becoming a Vagos member and is a far more skilled criminal than Julio. While Julio still lives with their mom, Jose has moved out on his own. Jose and Julio's mother is Mexican and their father is white, which is why they have a distinctly non-Hispanic last name.

Julio and Jose are particularly close, with Jose moving back to Los Santos specifically to be near his little brother. They have a sweet, yet antagonistic relationship. Jose often questions Julio's sexuality and calls him stupid, but when Julio was hurt and in the hospital, Jose made sure Julio was treated promptly. Jose even went out of his way to get Julio some chocolate milk; however, he then proceeded to make fun of Julio for the way he drank the milk.

Jose appears to be smoother and more of a people person than Julio, managing to strike a deal with Archie Cooper for a car even after Archie took an initial disliking to Julio and Jose. He also slipped Angelina Medici his number while she was unconscious in the hospital and she actually texted him back.

Criminal Activities[]

On Jose's first day in Lost Santos, Julio picked him up from the airport in a stolen car. As they drove through the city, two police cars converged on them at a light and attempted to perform a felony stop on them. Julio refused to stop and drove them to Orchardville, and bailed at the warehouses. Jose surrendered immediately and was cuffed, but Julio ran and angered the local Vagos, who then started firing on both Julio and the trooper, Jacob Jackson, that was following them. While Julio was down next to the trooper, Jose fled the scene, cuffed; he ran into Warren Bautista, who picked the lock on his cuffs and freed him. Jose returned to Orchardville when the firing had ceased and loaded his brother in the trunk of a stolen car; before driving away, Jose kicked Trooper Jackson's unconscious body. Jose eventually took Julio to Pillbox, where he was treated and released.

Later that evening, Jose and Julio met up with Warren, who was with Archie, Gavin, and Marco, to thank him for helping Jose out of the cuffs. Jose and Julio later went to Redline and saw Archie by chance, where they discussed getting the two a car. It turns out that Maria Romano was selling her Blista for $8500, above Jose and Julio's budget. Fortunately, Archie was in the mood to make a deal with the guys that might have succeeded in getting Trooper Jackson killed; he sold Julio and Jose the Blista for $6500 and they'd make up the difference with a job worth $2000: they needed to kill Trooper Derrick White.

Played By: SheepDog59
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