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Joseph "Joey" Uldrich is the owner Of Make Some Space Self-Storage, a former tow driver/mechanic for Big Boi Customs, and a criminal who was a former member of 101.


Joey grew up in New York, born into a wealthy crime family who made their fortune through chop shops and clubs. At one point in his life, Joey owned a small casino in a remote county near Los Santos. He has a past love interest named Jenny, a redhead who is a part of law enforcement, who lives in the Vespucci Canals district. He has one known brother, Kevin Uldrich, who is now deceased. He also wears a blonde wig after an incident occurred with a doctor who told him he had cancer and gave him a mystery medicine that caused him to go bald. He is missing both his right thumb and one of his pinkies, which have been cut off by Mav Doretto and James O'Reilley respectively.

Near-Death Experience[]

As of March 22nd, 2018 it is unknown of Joey's living status. After disobeying an order from multiple members of 101, including Mav Doretto and Bruce Greenwell, Mav took Joey out to the mountains and questioned him on why he disobeyed him by selling weed bags and bricks with Khloe Leaves and other associates. Unsatisfied with Joey's answer, Mav forced him to his knees and shot at him; however, it is unknown whether those bullets hit or even killed Joey.


On March 25th 2018, Joey was confirmed still alive when he was taken out to a mountain blindfolded in a van by Mav Doretto and Bruce Greenwell. Though Mav was intent on killing him, Bruce and his "good graces" kept him alive to give him one last chance at redemption. Bruce made him kiss a bullet, telling him that it would be the bullet that kills him if he messes up again. Mav mentions that the last time he was up here was with Isabelle Knight when she made similar mistakes. Mav tells Bruce to break his hands with a pipe wrench, and Mav makes a cut across Joey's throat. After his unconscious body rolls down the hill, Mav comes after him and carves the roman numeral "I" into his chest and cuts off his right thumb at the joint. They both leave before EMS and troopers arrive. Medical reports revealed that he was emaciated and bruised all over his body from being held hostage and beaten for multiple days.


Since being tortured and mutilated by his former bosses from 101, Joey has made a complete recovery and now has full use of his hands. He has virtually broken off from affiliation with 101 and started his own criminal operations, going so far as to expose much of 101's prior criminal dealings to Khloe Leaves and others. Unknown to Joey, this information leak was made known to Mav by Khloe, but no action has been taken yet.