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Josh Martinez is currently a Corporal with the San Andreas State Police. He's finished academy and had spent a large majority of his time with Lt. Boscoreli, who he trusts to help him learn the ropes.



Josh Martinez, an only child, born on October 13th, 1992. He lived an average adolescence, the only thing that really stood out in his childhood was the split of his parents. Aside from that, Martinez quickly grew fond of the idea of becoming a patrol officer at a fairly young age, when trying to figure out where he was headed in life and attending community college. As the idea became closer to reality, he took his path towards police academy to be able to help people.

Martinez then moved to San Andreas for better opportunity and quickly picked up a job with the San Andreas State Police.

The Other County[]

During his time as a Cadet, Martinez has been involved in a fair share of markings. Two events have marked priority in Josh's brief work in the field. The first being the takedown of Ray Gallardo, who had outstanding warrants. Whilst on shift Martinez and Boscoreli shot and killed Ray Gallardo after Ray pulled a firearm and began to fire at officers fleeing his warrant for multiple attempted murders, and was known to have an automatic firearm. Martinez acknowledged this however didn't think fast enough to grab his carbine from the cruiser, and upon dismount had to roll forward with the error. Luckily Boscoreli took down Ray Gallardo, and upon arriving at the hospital he was declared dead.

Martinez was also involved in a pursuit involving a firetruck, being driven by Orlo Crenshaw. After a prolonged chase where Orlo repeatedly attempted to run them off the road and ram their vehicle, Orlo finally came to a stop to refuel at the gas station at Route 68 and Great Ocean Highway. Orlo pointed a firearm and was quickly taken down by Boscoreli, during transport to the hospital Martinez appeared to go into a panic whilst administering first aid. Orlo had taken so many gunshot wounds that he was practically a "faucet of blood." During transport Martinez attempted to keep pressure on all of the wounds and continuously wrap them with bandages, however it was not cutting it. Upon arrival to the hospital Martinez was practically soaked from the lower vest down in another mans blood, including his arms.

Boscoreli had discussed that Martinez should talk to either a therapist or Detective Sergeant Parker, a former full-time therapist. Martinez didn't feel the need, however agreed, knowing that his superior probably knew best for him. Shortly after that Trooper Brown had spoke with him, also with experience in this field, to just check up on him mentally.


As of July 1st, the San Andreas State Police has split into three separate departments, causing all former troopers to be reassigned to different departments.