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Julian Santorno is Nino Chavez’s close friend and business partner. He is responsible for the schedule and communication between Chavez and interested parties. Santorno is known for having great communication skills.

Character background[]

Santorno is living in anonymity to prove his worth to the community. He first met several members of the Leanbois through the parking lot. He soon became friends with Chavez.  During Chavez’s rise as the CEO of Wetworks, Santorno became his accountant and handled his finances. 

Santorno and Chavez regularly meet at Kortz Center to discuss their businesses. During this period Santorno and Chavez got involved in a car accident with an unmarked police vehicle. Chavez was prosecuted for this incident. 

During the promotion of Wetworks, in which they kidnapped Zoey Lyrais as a prank, Santorno got injured after being shot by Logan Moore

Santorno soon became close friends with Tony Corleone. Together they were known as skilled BMX cyclists. 

It is known that Santorno has the ambition to set up a business with a goal to create jobs for the civilians of Los Santos.