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Kaitlyn Maw is a chaotic troublemaker and expert safe-cracker who loosely works under Mav Doretto for 101. She is one of the three identical Maw sisters, including Amy Maw and Emily Maw. She also sometimes works alongside Grove Street and Omar Little.


Kaitlyn is known for being a persistently aggressive criminal with a smart mouth. She tends to not tie herself down with any concrete allegiances, instead preferring to float around to whatever offers the most money. Her one true loyalty is to her sisters, which comes above anything or anyone else.

Kaitlyn has become known for her safe-cracking and escape-artist abilities, especially her car chases resulting from those store robberies. She favors using muscle cars as her vehicle of choice or Trooper Boscoreli's police car, Felicia, which she has stolen on numerous occasions to the point of putting his job on the line. She also has a habit of escaping in handcuffs, escaping jail cells, and eluding the police right in front of their eyes; however, she rarely ever shoots at cops, if at all.

New Boss

Kaitlyn has been recently trained in safe-cracking techniques by Shaggy Dankweed, who is likely the most efficient safe-cracker in Los Santos. This only occurred after she held him and Al Saab up at the chop shop and took Shaggy hostage in her trunk. Eventually, while talking in the car, they worked out a deal where Shaggy would help her pay off $15k of her State debt in return for his freedom and her working for him. He 'employed' her to eventually help him take over the weed distribution market from Grove Street.


After an attempted store robbery went wrong, Kaitlyn got shot in the back by Cliff Hanger who was working there. An hour or more prior to this, Kaitlyn had stolen Cliff's car and ditched it on Route 68. During the processing, she admitted to a couple of car thefts and was put on probation by Cpt. Johnny Dazzler because of her extensive record. The probation period will last 30 days and during that time she'll need a legal job and to pay back the money she owes to the state. She will also need to check in with Cpt. Dazzler every day by text or in person. (May 22nd through June 22nd, 2018)

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