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Karly Stark was born August 1st, 1995. She’s known for her goth appearance and style, as well as her position as a dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn, as well as a mechanic at SpeedStars Auto Performance, and a salesman at B&S Pre-Owned Car Lot. She also suffers from severe social anxiety, though she’s slowly working on this - At this point, she can handle being in social situations so long as she’s aware they’re coming.


Refusing the Silver Spoon[]

Karly Stark is the daughter of Victoria and Zanna Stark, two successful talent scouts in the Vinewood music industry. Taking interest in the talent industry her entire life, Karly took a big interest in all sorts of performance arts throughout her life; however, she mainly found her place behind the scenes due to her social anxiety. She thrived as a crew member: building sets, fetching props, operating equipment, et cetera.


  • Karly's first ever criminal charge was Assault with a Deadly on a Peace Officer for shooting at cops


  • "I'm gay."
  • "I know my hair grows quickly."
Played By: CyrusMercer
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