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"The world is full of good people, if you can't find one, be one."
―Katherine Kates
"Be better."
―Katherine Kates


Character Background[]

Katherine Jo Kates was raised by her grandmother after her father was shot and killed when she was thirteen. Kat was especially close to her father. She is currently restoring his Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z. Katherine is an only child and the last of the Kates namesake.

A photo of Johnnie Kates, Katherine's father.

Katherine is a book worm and loves to write. She started making her own zines as a way to express her creativity through words and photography. Kat moved back to Los Santos with hopes to start her own business in media and advertising.

Creative Freelancing and Phoenix Media[]

Katherine was approached by Eddie Concord to come out to the movie set to meet his bosses, Craig Howard and Lenny Moore, after reading Kat's zines and learning about her business in ad work. She shared her zines with both of them, along with Darlene Pruitt. She explained that she was working on building her own business. Lenny then spoke to her about doing some work for his hit program, Craig's Power Hour. Katherine took some pictures for the program. After recognizing Kat's talents, Darlene and Craig asked Kat to take some family photos for a contest up at their lakehouse.

Lenny took Katherine aside, told her about The Phoenix Corporation, and expressed an interest in her business. From there Katherine told him she would think about it. Katherine continued to do freelance work including ad work for Shalom Homes, the Tribe & Co. Skate Park, and logo work for Make Some Space.

After realizing the potential in herself and her desire to build a brand, Kat reached out to Lenny to see if she could get a meeting with him and the CEO of The Phoenix Cooperation, Jeffrey Connors. Lenny was promoted to the COO of the company and hired Kates directly.

Katherine Kates Zines[]