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Katie Rage is a paramedic for the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services. She is currently on an extended leave it is unknown when or if she will return to active duty.


Character Background[]

Katie Rage moved from Canada to Los Santos in early July 2017 and quickly became accustomed to the big city. Due to her previous EMS experience, she was quickly hired due to a shortage of trained staff throughout the city and her previous experience as a military medic. She currently serves as a field training officer with helicopter training for the Los Santos EMS.

On July 27th, under advisement State therapist Avery Jenkins, Ms. Rage was put under a probation period losing full EMS responsibilities due to allegations of her drinking on shift.

Katie was previously dating fellow Los Santos resident and businessman Timmy Macapone.

During April 2018, Katie came back to the city after taking some time away to recollect herself and was reinstated as a paramedic.

Played By: PmsProxy
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