Kendrick Klamar was a Senior Detective assigned to the Major Crimes Unit of the San Andreas State Police.

During his time as a Trooper, Klamar was known as being soft spoken, polite and calm, traits which served him well when dealing with the public.  Under his mild mannered demeanor, Klamar was a determined, savy and experienced police officer which earned him a spot as a Detective in the former Major Crimes Unit.

His general policy was towards the side of leniency instead of punishment when possible, prefering to issue warnings or fines instead of prison when reasonable.


Klamar was born and raised in the city of Los Santos, his parents being first generation Norwegian immigrants.  Upon finishing high school he set off to pursue a career in law enforcement and was accepted into the SASP Academy where he completed his training under the guidance of Troopers Thompson and Doyle.

Based on information Klamar collected over the previous year on November 8, 2018 , the SASP simultaneously raided multiple The Grove Street Family stash houses, and an entire motel used by persons of suspect. During the raid they found large quantities of illegal weapons and drugs. There have been questions regarding the validity of the raid and to whether Klamar is a dirty cop or not by certain citizens of Los Santos.

As of November 18, 2018, Klamar has resigned and was moved into the reserves for the San Andreas State Police due to receiving death threats. He picked up work at Bahama Mamas as security shortly after.

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