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Kiana Sanders, aka "Key", is the step-sister of Trey Sanders. She is a current YG in the street gang known as the Grape Street Crips. She has multiple charges on her record of armed robberies and violence against LEO's. She is always down for anything if it involves making money.


Kiana grew up in a small home in Southern Los Santos with her dad, step-mom and siblings, including her step-brother Trey. They didn't live in the best neighborhood and crime was fairly common in the area. Kiana was aware of some of the activities that would go on around the streets but stayed out of it for the most part. Kiana got away with some petty crimes when she was younger such as shoplifting or spray-painting graffiti around the city but had a clean record up until her first year of college. She mostly stuck to low level crime but the friends she made in high school and college were more interested in some higher level activities like robbing people and stores.

Key missed a lot of classes in high school but managed to graduate. She wanted to continue her education, mostly because her dad was fairly strict and wanted her to. She went to take a few general education classes at a local community college but eventually got kicked out when she was arrested for an armed robbery charge. She was sentenced to 3 years in prison but was released in 1 due to good behavior and passing through a rehabilitation program alongside Breona Evans.

In May of 2019, Kiana and some friends were starting to up their game a bit, trying to make some extra cash on the side. The group of friends consisted of Kiana Sanders, Breona Evans, Marcus Johnson, D'Angelo Green and Travis James. They came up with an idea to hit up a nightclub near them that was known to be a high roller club. People often brought a lot of money to be in the exclusive VIP section. Their plan was to wait for someone to come out to their car while people were still inside. Travis was the distraction guy, talking to the security guards. D'Angelo was the lookout who stood nearby and would signal if things went south. This left Marcus, Kiana and Breona to be the ones to hold the guy up. After some time, an individual started walking to his car. The guy was a regular at the club, and they knew that. Marcus, Kiana and Breona waited for him to get close to his vehicle and then jumped out with pistols to hold him up. The robbery was going smoothly until they realized that D'Angelo was nowhere to be seen. They didn't know at the time, but D'Angelo got cold feet and bailed, leaving them out in the open. Security quickly noticed and with police already being in the area for another call nearby, they moved in quickly. Marcus, Kiana and Breona ran for a short time but Kiana and Breona gave up and surrendered. Marcus ended up getting away and was never charged. Kiana and Breona were charged with Armed Robbery and were given a shorter sentence for complying with the officer's requests, giving them names of other individuals involved. Marcus and D'Angelo were never arrested but Travis was caught and given an accessory charge to their robbery. After serving one year in prison, she was released and returned to Los Santos.

Kiana got kicked out of the school and decided to pursue other things in life. She currently resides in Vespucci and rolls around with members of Grape Street Crips, a street gang that her step-brother Trey and some of her mutual friends are in. She mostly does her own thing and partakes in low level criminal activities like robbing stores and ATM's. She has decided to stay fairly lowkey unless driven to do otherwise. She has recently reconnected with Breona and has been rolling around with her doing low level crime.

On July 20th, 2020, a group of 6 individuals decided to come up with a complex plan to hit the Vangelico Jewelry Store and escape using a "clone car" strategy. This group consisted of Andre Grove, Crisanto Jones, Deaquan Jones, Kiana Sanders, Damion Baker and Tyrone Davis. Their plan was to have 4 people in an Ocelot Jackal hit the store with a hostage while another Ocelot Jackal with 2 people was in a multi-story garage hidden. When the first car was escaping the jewelry store, the idea was to have them pull into the garage as the other identical car taking off would appear to be the main car, in an attempt to get the heat off of the first car. This plan didn't exactly follow through and they made a last minute decision in the parking garage to go out shooting. The group split up multiple times and into different vehicles. Deaquan and Kiana got away and were able to store some of the goods from the robbery while the others were chased by Air-1. Deaquan and Kiana ended up having their tires shot out and had to flee on foot. Kiana was eventually shot multiple times and taken into custody. In the end, Andre, Tyrone and Kiana were taken into custody and arrested for Bank / Jewelry Store Robbery, Attempted Murder of a Public Servant (2), Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Public Servant (2), Felony Evasion, Kidnapping and Possession of an Illegal Firearm for a total of 600 months and a fine upwards of $47,000.00. Deaquan, Crisanto and Damion were able to escape.

Played By: Sarapocalypse
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