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He's addicted to cocaine and constantly needs his fix. His addiction is what got him barred from the world of professional MMA, despite being a 5 time champion, his drug addiction would cost him fights, effectively nullifying any victories he's achieved. His goal is to eventually get clean and re-enter the world of mixed martial arts, however time is not on his side as he's already 35 and will soon be considered past his peak athletically. He'd like to become famous and known as the best pound-for-pound fighter. He also had small aspirations of being a paramedic due to the amount of interactions he's had with these life-saving people on the front lines.


At the age of 15, Kody's father (Kyle Kash, Victoria County Sheriff) passed away while issuing a citation on the side of the road due to a collision with a drunk driver. His mother, Katherine Kash, who he never cared for him much anyway promptly disowned him and kicked him out of his home. Due to the grief he experienced he spiraled into drugs and petty crime to pay for those drugs. One fateful day he was breaking into a car and was caught by the owner, Harvey Sandlin, a prominent muay thai/brazilian jiu jitsu coach. Kody was offered the choice of either going to jail or coming with Harvey to work out in his gym. As it turns out, Kody was a particularly gifted fighter able to pick up and master fighting techniques with relative ease. Through his training he eventually became one of the best muay thai fighters in the state of Texas. He entered the world of Mixed Martial arts at the age of 18 and turned pro soon after.

He won 5 World championships in the Welterweight Division, losing 4 of the 5 due to post-fight medical clearance issues. Kody began exhibiting multiple medical issues stemming from his frequent, habitual use of cocaine and the amount of head trauma sustained throughout his career. His overall record was 30-2-10 (W-L-NC). Eventually, Kody was completely unable to pass the pre-fight physicals required to compete and was effectively barred from the world of MMA, leaving him unable to effectively provide for himself. His manager, Francis Maroni, who took care of Kody's day to day expenses and effectively his bank account took Kody's money and fled, leaving Kody with ~11.2 million in back taxes owed to the IRS causing him to flee to Los Santos.

Kody has an uncle who is with the sheriff's office of Johnson County, Kansas. His name is Karl Kash and he's 43 years old.