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True loyalty can not be bought, stolen, or forced... It must be earned or offered freely... And when it is.. it will move mountains.


Koni Noshimuri was born the only child to a well to do family in Japan. She was a determined child, driven by a desire to be the best at whatever it was she set her mind to doing. She became a very well rounded young lady as she started high school and even planned to go on to college and major in public relations.

In 2011, her life was turned upside down when disaster struck Japan and her family was wiped out in a natural disaster. When the skies cleared Koni realized she was alone... however, this was short lived as a group called the Yakuza quietly swooped in and began to aid all who were suffering in the midst of the aftermath.

One particular Yakuza family took a shining to Koni and seeing her potential, they decided to take her in and put her through school.

They became her new family and with their act of compassion in her time of need... they earned her unwavering loyalty. She has finished college now and in correspondence with her Yakuza family back home she was told to seek out a certain group of Yakuza and ask for a man called Oshima. She was to offer her services and loyalty to him as a favor from her family in Japan.