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Kristy Blacke was the Assistant Warden of Operations (AWO) for the Department of Corrections.


Kristy was born in St. Paul, MN. She grew up poor, and lived off the system, as her parents were addicted to Meth. Kristy took care of her younger sis Kara, 4 years younger. They lived off the system for many years. On Kristy's 18th birthday, her parents ODed. A social worker who had been working with the family stepped in to help Kristy take custody of her sister. Kara was seen living on the street, last spotted in Los Santos near Olympic Fwy. Kristy last worked security for a major hotel that had a bar onsite, so the need for security is a must. She has always wanted a job working in the DOC system. Now that dream is a reality.


Kristy Anne Blacke was born on September. 5th 1985 in St. Paul MN. with no complications. Up until the age of 6, she had a normal life. Both her parents worked, Mike was assistant manager for a local gas station, Trisha worked as a bus driver for their school system & they lived in a home. Kara Alice Blacke was 2 & had just started forming sentences. Mike worked the night shift while Trisha worked the day.


One night Mike was being robbed at gunpoint while working, they had a security system that would lock the doors & call 911 with a push of a button. The robber shot at Mike hitting him in the right shoulder, which gave Mike the opportunity to grab the shotgun & return fire, hitting the robber square in the chest. As Mike ran to the body to check on him, with his back to the camera he started searching the man's pockets & found a small bag of Meth with a few hundred dollars, Mike took the cash & drugs just as the Police & EMS showed up. The police took Mike’s statement while the EMS put the man, pronounced DOA, into the back of the ambulance. As Mike got home, he locked himself in the basement bathroom, took out the Meth, crushed it up, & snorted the whole line. Within a few mins, Mike’s eyes rolled into the back of his head & he passed out on the bathroom floor. The following morning, Kristy was the 1st to find him. His shirt was ripped, hair was a mess & he still had some blood on his hands. He was woken up by Kristy soon after. He jumped from the floor knocking Kristy into a cabinet which Kristy banged her head against, causing a goose egg to form. Mike began to yell at Kristy to get out of the bathroom. Kristy ran to her room crying & holding her head. Mike quickly jumped into the shower before anyone else could see him.


Two years have passed, Mike changed for the worse, from snorting Meth to smoking/injecting it daily. Mike started calling in & showing up several hours late to work. And Mike’s home life started to suffer from his use. As the bills piled up, Trisha was beginning to worry. Mike was hardly seen in the house, he either locked himself in the basement to use, or would be passed out in his car in some back alley. Trisha woke up on the couch one night after hearing a crash in the backyard. There car was crashed, smoking, on the back fence front tires in the air. Trisha ran out screaming & crying loudly. Kristy & Kara had woken up from the noises. As Kristy looked out her back window, she saw her Mother running towards her Father, whose head was resting on the steering wheel blaring loudly. Kara, who was 4 started crying. Kristy comforted her, telling her not to look, but close her eyes. Kristy watched as the following took place. Trisha got to the car door, pounding on the window, yelling for Mike to wake up. Trisha opened the driver’s door & began shaking Mike. In Mike’s left hand fell a Meth pipe at Trisha’s feet. Trisha picked it up, looked at it with confusion & put it into her robe pocket. Mike awoke shortly after, with blood coming from his forehead. With a dazed look upon his face, Mike touched his forehead with his left hand, pulling back to see the blood. Mike then realized the pipe he had was missing. Trisha was still crying. Mike grabbed her forcefully by the arms & yelled, “What did you do with it?” Trisha just cried louder & Mike shoved her to the ground. Trisha fell hard to the cement, looking up at Mike with blood on his face. Mike stepped over her & raised his fist. Kristy screamed loudly, “Nooooo!” Mike stopped, looked & saw Kristy looking back at him from her bedroom window. Sirens could be heard in the distance. Mike had a shocked look upon his face as he slowly stepped back & fell into the car. Trisha had gotten up & ran back into the house. The Police & EMS showed up. Meanwhile Trisha was busy hiding the pipe, drying her tears & ran back outside to meet the Police. Kristy & Kara were cuddled up together, Kara resting on Kristy’s lap. Kristy just stroking Kara’s hair, thinking about what she just saw. Mike & Trisha had spun a story to the Police about their car being stolen & Mike was out looking for it when it showed up here, crashed into their fence.

Consequences []

Some time went on, Kristy is now 10 years old & Kara who is 6, isn’t talking much, only to her sister Kristy. Mike is still unemployed & receiving workman's comp money. Mike has also been using more of the product then he’s supposed to be selling. Trisha has secretly been using it without letting on. Mike & Trisha would often get into yelling matches with each other. They would last for hours, while Kristy & Kara had to hear it all through the trailer home walls, sitting on Kristy’s bed. Kristy would do her best to drown out the noise. Once Kristy used her radio, but it must have been too loud, cause Mike stormed into the room, his pupils dilated, didn’t even look at the girls, who were now in the corner, Kristy covering her sister. Mike yanked the radio from Kristy’s dresser, turned & exited just as quick. Kristy looked up & saw her door was broken in half, barely hanging on it’s hinge. Kara was shaking in the corner. Kristy could hear her radio being taken apart by her parents. Kristy took the rest of her door down & hung up a blanket over her door frame. Kristy again, goes to Kara to comfort her & keep her safe. A day or so goes by before Mike has to make a choice. Mike’s supplier found out about Mike using more than he should be selling. And of course Mike owed his supplier thousands of dollars. A night where Trisha was out working a double, Mike was at the house, pacing & rambling out loud to himself. Kristy wanted to make some bologna sandwiches for her & her sister’s dinner, but her Dad kept pacing in front of Kristy. Mike may have been in the house, but mentally he was not there. It’s been two days since Mike smoked & his body coupled with his supplier have begun to take their toll on Mike. Kristy tried several times to get Mike’s attention to no avail. Kristy finally put her hand on her Dad’s back calling out his name. Mike was startled, whipped around in defense, with his clenched fists, striking Kristy across her face. Kristy fell hard a few feet away, holding her face with both hands, looking up at her father, as tears started to fall from her face. Mike was so high he didn’t know what just happened, his dilated eyes darting around the room. Kristy got up & ran to her room to hide under her covers, crying softly before falling asleep. The next day, as the girls walked out into the living room, hoping to find some bread in the kitchen, Mike awoke scaring the girls. Mike looked at his daughter Kristy, tilting his head & asking “What happened to your face?? It’s so red, like someone hit you!” Kristy looked back at him with a puzzled look shaking her head. “I thought you wouldn’t remember that. You did this, you hit me, and I don’t know what I did?” Kristy said, starting to cry a bit. Mike had a shocked look upon his face & just scratched his head. Kristy & Kara just walked out the front door heading off to school. Mike couldn’t believe what he had done, to his own daughter. Shortly after all that, Mike got a text from his supplier, demanding to see him tonight. Mike checked his stash & money, he was very short. As Mike started to panic, looking around the house for things to pawn, he stopped what he was doing. Mike grabbed a bag, put some clothes inside, a picture of his family and the change jar. That was the last time Mike was seen. When Kristy & Kara got home, they noticed the house was torn apart inside & Mike was not home. Trisha showed up shortly after the girls walked inside. When Trisha entered the trailer, she screamed & yelled at the girls accusing them of leaving the door unlocked. Kristy told Trisha that Mike was here when they left for school & that his car is not here. Trisha then noticed Kristy’s face, where Mike had struck her. Trisha demanded to know what happened to her face. Just then, the Police showed up, due to noise complaints. As the Police entered the scene, they noticed everything, including Kristy’s face. The police called for a social worker to come & take the girls out, after finding several paraphernalia pipes, Kristy’s face, & the state of the trailer.


The girls are taken in by CPS & is handled by Diane Lane, someone who has had dealings with this family in the past. Diane took a personal interest in the girls & after two months living with Diane, they are moved into the 1st of many foster homes. As the years went on, Kristy has adapted well to foster living, grades have greatly improved & seems much happier. Kara on the other hand, is fighting against anyone other than her sister. Because Kara fights with her foster parents & foster siblings, both Kristy & Kara are moved from one foster family to another. When Kristy was 15, her sister Kara locked herself in the bathroom to play with matches. Kara wanted to see what would happen if she burned some toilet paper in the tub. As the fire engulfed the pile of TP in the tub, it got much bigger than Kara expected, it caught the shower curtain and started to spread around the bathroom. Kristy smelled the smoke first, ran to the bathroom & with her whole body slammed into the door breaking it down the middle & grabbing Kara off the floor carrying her outside. A few more years later when Kristy is 16, the girls are living with a Mormon foster family. Kristy woke up one night & saw Kara was not in bed. The window was a jar & Kara’s shoes & coat were gone. Kristy went and reluctantly told the foster parents. They all waited up in the living room for Kara. When Kara got home, she staggered in the front door, smelled of beer & her eyes were bloodshot. The foster Mother started to freak out while the foster father tried to settle the mother down, Kristy approached Kara helping her out of her coat & holding her up. The father then looked over at the girls & with an angry face & stormed up to the girls. He then grabbed Kara’s upper arm pulling her away from Kristy. His grip on Kara’s arm was hurting her, Kara yelled for Kristy, but before Kristy could react, the foster father started to spank Kara hard on her rear. Kristy was instantly filled with rage & charged the man, tackling him to the floor. Kristy punched the man once in the face before she realized what she was doing. Kristy quickly got up, picked her sister up & they went into their room. Kristy barricaded their bedroom door, picked up her wooden bat & guarded her sister all night. The following morning that foster family called CPS & Diane responded. Diane once again took the girls in temporarily. During this time, Kristy learns from Diane about emancipation & how to be her sister's guardian. Diane also told Kristy that her Mother, Trisha, has been trying to get them both back. This puts a fire under Kristy, within a year she graduates, emancipates herself & gets guardianship of her sister. But Kara was not doing well during this year. Kara was alone without her sister & got worse with her foster families, more violent & erratic. Diane had set them up in an efficiency apartment & helped get Kristy a job at a grocery store. A few months had gone by & things seemed to be going well for the girls. Diane showed up one day, with a letter in her hand addressed to the girls. The letter was from their Mother Trisha, it was a simple letter, where she asks the girls to come visit her on Kristy’s birthday. At this point, Trisha did NOT know Kristy was emancipated & has guardianship of Kara. Trisha went to the CPS office the day off Kristy’s birthday(18), to inquire about what more she needs to do to get her daughters back. Diane was the one who had to tell Trisha she was too late in completing her court ordered requirements for guardianship. This completely devastated Trisha & she left the office angry & crying. Diane tried several times to call Kristy to inform her, but she kept getting the answering machine. The girls arrived at their old trailer home where their Mother still lived. The trailer looked worse for ware & hadn’t been cared for properly. They walked into the front door immediately stopping, Kristy tried to cover Kara’s eyes but she pulled away. On the couch, slightly pale, lips blue, was Trisha with a glass pipe of meth in her left hand & a crumpled note in her right. Kara ran up to her dead mother, grabbing her & hugging her while crying. Kristy walked over to the phone & called 911, she then took the pipe & anything drug related & put them into a ziplock bag, setting in on the table. Kristy walked back over to her mother, Kara now whimpering softly, rocking back and forth on Trisha's lap & grabbed the crumpled note from her stiff grasp. The note just said “I’m sorry”, Kristy started to cry as she heard sirens approaching putting the note in her pocket. The scene was filled with medics & police officers all running around the girls, who are just sitting on the couch watching them take their mother away in a body bag. Diane arrived just as the Ambulance takes off, she storms in, yelling at the officers for leaving the girls on scene. Diane just took the girls & left for their apartment. The next 4 years for Kristy were very tough as Kara started to fight against her. Kara was often skipping school, smoking cigs, stealing what she wanted, getting into fights with anyone & started dating/sleeping with much older guys. Kristy had to learn to become more stern & assertive with herself & her sister. Diane would often check in or inform Kristy about Kara’s activities. During the last 4th year, Kristy is 21 & Kara is 17. Kara is failing High School & not coming home for several days at a time. Kristy confronted Kara one night when she was sneaking back in. Kristy found a meth pipe with some residue & began questioning Kara. Kara lunged at Kristy, but Kristy moved before Kara could grab her & fell to the floor. Kristy dropped the pipe & smashed it under her foot & said you will NEVER bring drugs into this house again. Kara screamed at Kristy, her face flushed, picked up a shard of glass & held it to her own throat. Kara was pressing the shard into her neck, demanding Kristy get out of her way. Kara gathered up a few of her own things, putting them into a backpack while holding the shard to her own neck as Kristy kept her distance trying to talk to her sister. Kara went to the hall closet & grabbed a shoe box, marked “family” Kristy yelled at Kara for opening that box. Kara was instructed to never open this box. Inside the box, were a few Polaroids of the family, their birth certificates, social security cards & the note from their dead mother. Kara was grabbing all the items that were Kristy’s & throwing them on the floor until she found the note. Kara knew the note was from her mother & just looked at it, tears forming in her eyes. As Kara got to the front door, a trickle of blood coming off her neck, looked at Kristy with rage in her eyes. Kara yelled “I will NEVER forgive you & you will NEVER control me again!”, turning & running out the front door. That moment was the last time Kristy saw Kara & the last time Kristy ever told anyone she cared about what to do.


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Duty Time

On Saturday May 30th 2020 in front of friends and family at the El Gordo Lighthouse Kristy and Gabrielle were Married.