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The La Mesa Skate Park, formerly Tribe & Co. Skate Park, is located on Popular Street underneath the Olympic Freeway. Founded by Baada Ka and now Paco Gonzalez it provides as a safe haven and community haven for all.


The skate park once served as a safehouse for The Tribe, but following the raid on SecuroServ headquarters in July 2018 all illegal goods were moved out as a precaution. It now serves just as a legal business, selling first aid kits to its customers and charging spectator fees.

Changes in Ownership[]

As of early May 2019, Baada Ka sold the skate park to Paco Gonzalez with Lauren Agostini as acting manager.

The skate park was renamed the La Mesa skate park and all former employees were fired, with some being rehired under the new management.

The skate park operates as it used to under Tribe & Co. It serves as a community haven and neutral ground, giving residents a place to meet, relax, and have fun BMX biking.

Former Staff[]