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Founded by Paco "Speedy" Gonzalez after his departure from the Los Santos Vagos, Las Calaveras or "The Skulls" were an up and coming gang aiming to take and keep control of Los Santos's east side.


Las Calaveras (LC) was founded by a number of former Los Santos Vagos members who had a fall out with the group after their leader at the time Arrio Chavez stepped down.

LC have an emphasis on family, as a crew. Anyone who falls out of line, or causes continued issues for the family, gets a beat down by the crew as a lesson. The group mostly worked the weed game, playing a game of chess against perceived enemies and allies.

They were involved in an attack on Jamestown against Francisco Alvarez (Pancho) in an attempt to kill him. A small explosive device was unleashed, as well as gunfire against him, as Pancho hid amongst the local Vagos. Most LC members had an active grudge against him for evicting them out of Jamestown, and pushing members out of the Vagos, which lead to them forming Las Calaveras. In this attempt, LC took claim of Jamestown, as other active Vagos weren't around. Any who did pop up, over time, worked as tentative allies with the group. LC watched over Jamestown with the Vagos.

Afterwards, LC attempted to work towards collaborating with Aztecas, and what scattered Vagos members were around, to push the weed game into an operating chain from supply to distribution across sections of San Andreas. Before the plan could go into motion, Raul Mota shot both Archie Cooper and Marco Romano in the back during a karaoke event at the Vinewood Bowl, putting them both in the hospital.

During the manhunt for Raul, Raul contacted the Las Calaveras leader, Paco Gonzalez, asking Paco to deliver him a swift and respectful death, realizing the error in his ways, as allies and the Aztecas turned their backs on him, and he had multiple groups looking for him. Both Paco and Lauren Agostini were present when they killed Raul, and took the proof to Grove.

The End[]

In the summer of 2019, Las Calaveras had grown in ranks and notoriety with certain parties. The group worked hard to gain a foothold in the city and set themselves up for a larger battle. However, while the leadership was busy busting and making quiet moves, the lowers ranks were feeling directionless.

This caused internal strife as half of the gang confronted leadership about the lack of information, obvious moves, and all of the secrets kept from them. The gang split in two on peaceful terms with Noah Vega, Thia Carte, Chuy, and Sofia Santana leaving.

The remaining members continued to push forward, but they quickly found out that Grove Street members were finding out details of inner LC information from the former members. This caused an issue as one of the edicts of the group was to not speak of any inner gang business with external parties. Grove also rolled down on Amarillo, and threatened the rest of the members to leave the block, revoking it from what Archie had bestowed.

Betrayed and angry, the remaining members planned to handle the leaks. Chuy confided that he knew some former members were talking to other gangs, and admitted to speaking to Grove, as well. As a result, Lauren whispered in the ears of remaining members that Chuy be made an example of. She baited him into a trap, and he was picked up in front of his home in Jamestown (having dipped right back into his coke addiction). He was killed shortly afterwards by multiple members.

When the former members realized that Chuy was missing, they went to the police to file a missing persons report and tried to reach out to the LC members, asking where he was, but got no response. Instead, they went to their friends and external parties, looking for help to kill Paco and Lauren - never confirming that they killed him...


With the assistance of Bob Coolidge, Amber Finklesteen, Piper Lynn, Malcolm Turner, Leo Ballard, Tony Reeves, Marco Romano and others, the former members hunted down LC members - especially the leaders.

Paco had agreed to meet with Noah and Sofia, where they questioned him on Chuy's disappearance, and shot down Paco. Meanwhile, police had found Chuy's decaying body on the east side.

While in the hospital, Pillbox received active threats as the hospital was being watched by attacking parties. With Legs already there, and Will McBride responding, the hospital staff decided to evacuate the building, and move all active patients to Crusade Medical - which included Paco. He and Lauren were moved in a bearcat with active SWAT units.

Knowing that there was an active threat against them, Lauren asked her closest friend Tazzy for help. Tazzy called Jeffrey Connors who then got The Phoenix Corporation to respond, and act as active guards outside of Paco's room at Crusade. Once released, the couple was interrogated by multiple officers at Vespucci PD and released. Their homes were actively watched by detective units.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of LC went into hiding. Jeff met with the leaders and offered them help in the form of a way out of San Andreas without being seen. Similarly Baada Ka offered the leaders protection and the chance to drop their ties to LC, and join as affiliates of The Tribe, getting a fresh start underneath him.

With that, Las Calaveras ceased to be an active group within San Andreas.

Former Members[]