Introduction Edit

The League of XD Villains was a terrorist organization of eXtra Diabolical villains.

Notable Crimes Edit

  • Kidnapped Ronald Gump and held him hostage for ransom - The San Andreas State Police refused to pay the ransom fee and Gump was safely freed at the Sandy Shores airfield.
  • Exploded a fuel tanker and car in Legion Square - whilst advertising it beforehand and claiming responsibility after on Twitter.
  • Attempted robbery of the "Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank" - The villains managed to break into and loot the bank vault, but were unable to escape from the SASP who had surrounded the building.

Downfall Edit

Whilst attempting to rob the Pacific Standard bank, The Baron, The Pest, and The Juggernaut were gunned down by the SASP when trying to escape from the building. The Soviet Skull had been shot minutes earlier while driving a stolen garbage truck, he had been trying to clear the blockade of police cruisers around the bank, and allow his comrades to escape.

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