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"Maybe if I let him in he would still be alive..."
―Lee Kimchi remembering how she refused to shelter a family member in need. Something that haunts her to this day.

Lee Kimchi, commonly referred to as Grandma Kimchi, is an elderly woman from Korea. Extremely wealthy, Miss Kimchi was once able to independently finance various race competitions that had prize pools as high as $1 million.


Character Background[]

Grandma Kimchi is haunted by events from her past which caused her to seek comfort and redemption with Father Patrick Flanegan whom offered her to confess her sins and to be "Cleansed".After a short car ride towards Blaine County, Flanegan convinced Miss Kimchi to step out of the vehicle and to take a walk with him. Patrick convinced her that the car had broken down. So they walked as Miss Kimchi continued to confess her mistakes in life, Until Father Flanegan stabbed her straight through the rib-cage with a large knife and "Cleansed her spirit."

Miss Kimchi spent 2 days in the hospital in a medically induced coma. She was found by a squirrel in the snow, which went to get help from a bystander. Miss Kimchi does not remember these events, however she has enlisted the aid of Pastor Gory with hypnosis.

Has a strange obsession with drinking urine, and claims that her family has been drinking urine for centuries. Has a special fondness for Shark urine, which she says has special healing properties. Grandma Kimchi once paid Rajj Patel $50k simply to urinate on her.