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"My name is Big L, and this is my big ass truck.... I'm a gangster"
―Lenny Wright

Lenny Wright, also self-referenced as "Big L", was a conceited and insecure mama's boy with self-image issues. Quietly homosexual, Big L harbored an obsession for Reginald Bigglesby who eventually killed Lenny by slitting his throat.


Character Background[]

Big L was a want-to-be thug with a naive desire to "run" the town of Los Santos. Despite being incredibly weak and stupid, Lenny was delusional and considered himself to be tough and thuggish.

A closeted homosexual, Lenny secretly was in love with his close friend Reginald Bigglesby despite Reggie being in a relationship with Fanny Dumpling. This "love triangle" created a bitter rivalry between Granny and Lenny wherein Lenny attempted to assassinate Fanny on multiple occasions. In an act of vengeance, Reggie murdered Lenny by slitting his throat.