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Leo Ballard is a professional criminal, who grew up in Liberty City.

He currently can be considered Harry Brown's right-hand and is often rolling around with Blade "Butch" Brooks when doing robberies.


After arriving in Los Santos, Leo began picking up as much work as he could. He took up multiple odd jobs and in his part time he would deal drugs such as weed & work the chop shop. After paying off his debts and leaving those things behind, he found work at a sex shop. Finnian O'Doyle hired him as a security guard.

Leo eventually parted ways with the job and The Irish due to inactivity and mindless conflict that he did not agree with. Leo saw them as reckless and feared they could ruin his reputation.

He later met Harry Brown with the help of Gerard and Harry picked him up to work for him.

Shortly after, Blade Brooks contacted him. Blade Brooks & Leo have a long history from their time together in Liberty City.

Harry mentioned to Leo that he should rob others in order to get their guns. Taking off with this idea, he began robbing anyone he could find & brought "Butch" with him.

One of their victims was Amber Finklesteen, who recognized them and went to Archie Cooper. Archie was familiar with Leo and threatened him over a phone call, demanding the items be returned. Leo returned the items and told Archie to contact him if something similar were to happen again so he can return the stolen goods. However he also robbed Warren Bautista, who then later tried to rob Leo himself with the help of Amber by ambushing Leo at his apartment. Leo realized that something is wrong and got in a shootout with them. Leo shot Amer twice before Amber & Warren both fled the scene.