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Leon Church was a defense attorney in Los Santos, originally from England. He now serves as the leader of The Dynasty as "Shepherd" after Yu-Jen Gwisin stepped down from his role as Mr. Imugi.


Leon is best known for his acquired sense of humor, one that not many tend to get besides Ayda Clarke and a select few others. In terms of his lawyer work, he tends to only put clients on retainer who are nonviolent. He states that his brand of lawyering is focused on rehabilitation and recovery for the offender, which led to the creation of Fishing for Freedom. When he isn't working a case, Leon runs Fishing for Freedom, which allows criminals to work off their debt by catching and selling fish.

The Dynasty[]

Leon was introduced in May 2018 to The Dynasty through Haruhiko Oshima under the guise of a normal meeting. He met with Yu-Jen Gwisin and Madam Ming, who 'proposed' a deal that he believed he couldn't refuse without being killed. The deal was that he would be the middleman between their import and export business and the Council, who demanded payments for taxes and rent. He would go to Council meetings in their place and in return would be paid generously. Three days later, Leon accepted the deal to preserve his own life.

Notable Cases[]

State vs. Freddy Price, Frank Murdock, and Jeffrey Connors [Success][]

Leon took the case for Freddy Price, Frank Murdock, and Jeffrey Connors collectively for a payment of $20k each due before the witness list was required to be sent in. All of them were charged with the first-degree murder of Jack Deakins and the attempted murder of Cadet Ayda Clarke. The case was going well in favor of Church due to the fact that the only evidence the State had was the testimony of Ayda Clarke. Prior to the case, just days before the witness list was due, Frank Murdock showed up dead in the Hill Valley Church cemetery. The case was dismissed shortly after and all of the defendants were cleared of the charges, likely due to the lack of evidence on the State's side.

State vs. Dimitri Barkov [Pending][]

Dimitri Barkov was convicted of murder in early 2018 after an incident occurred where he accidentally struck his girlfriend, Tuesday Phillips, with an axe blow to the head and killed her. He originally meant to strike a Vagos member named Felicia Walker who the pair had kidnapped, but slipped and struck Tuesday afterward. Leon took the case in an attempt to reduce it to involuntary manslaughter. Otherwise, Dimitri could face the death penalty.

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