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Lilly Baker is a journalist and editor in chief working for the Flower Pot News. She is also the founder and owner of The Flower Pot News. 


Lilly Baker was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has experienced an abusive childhood. It was soon till she decided to move to Los Santos to pursue her dreams. She first started working for SecuroServ, it is unknown what her job description was at the time. 

After the fall of SecuroServ, Baker decided to apply for a job at WetWorks Consultancy. After completing several tasks she was soon put on Wetworks’ promotion team. Her outstanding work with several successful campaigns was rewarded with a high ranked job at Wetworks. 

Baker was dating Mav Doretto for nearly a year. He had once cheated on her with Tameca Nakazawa but was forgiven for his actions.  

Baker is currently living in her camper van until she purchases the house Jason Doyle has incorrectly claimed is his own. This was also the abusive childhood home of Richard Oakes. Some say his spirit roams the halls to this day.