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Lily Murdock is the daughter of Frank Murdock and Debbie Murdock.


She has had a rough childhood with Frank being an alcoholic and struggling through her parents' divorce. She moved to Canada with her mother when she was ten years old but they slowly drifted apart. Shortly after she was sent to boarding school in England and developed a love for classical literature but lost all contact with her parents. She had returned to Los Santos to reconnect with her family.

On August 7, 2017, Lily Murdock encountered Richard Oakes outside the FLEECA Bank on Vespucci Boulevard. After a brief conversation, the two agreed to go on a nature walk; Richard proceeded to bring Lily to the very same spot where he assaulted Jessie Jones, near Cassidy Trail. After sharing information about her life, Lily and Richard decided to walk along another trail nearby; the trail Lily and her father Frank walked on when investigating the assault on Jessie Jones. When arriving at their destination, Richard Oakes lured Lily deep into a nearby train tunnel and brutally butchered her with his infamous hatchet.


  • Lily Murdock was struck the most times by Richard Oakes than any other of his victim; being struck approximately 40 times