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Graffiti from old set, BigHorn Locos Vagos

Introduction []

The Vagos are a South Side Los Santo Latino street gang based in or around Jamestown Street and Carson Ave. However there are several other sets around the city including East Side Vagos on Orchardville and Innocence, and North Side Vagos that mainly sit on Brouge Ave. and Roy Lowenstein Blvd. between Carson Ave. and Macdonald St.

Southside Vagos Ranks
0 Rank Translation
1 Jefe Boss
2 Padrino Godfather
3 Soldado Soldier
4 Sangre nueva New blood


Ever since gaining influence in the crime world of Los Santos, the Vagos have been generally viewed with distrust and hostility from the other gangs. When Nacho first entered the scene with his crew, he was tagged as a snitch due to the fact that he gave up many high-profile names of organization leaders to the police to get out of arrests. Due to the heat he was receiving, especially from Grove Street, Nacho left town for a few weeks. When he returned, he was complacent and willing to work with Grove Street and slowly repair his reputation. He still had not earned the trust of many, but he did eventually begin to talk with Khloe Leaves on gaining trust back with other gangs.

The Arrival of Jesus Garcia[]

Nacho's cousin, Jesus Garcia, arrived in town in early April 2018 from Houston, Texas. Immediately, he found the state of crime in the city and the Vagos' lack of control over Jamestown aggravating. Many people, some claiming to be from a "ninja gang", were riding Sanchez dirt bikes around the South selling drugs, riding illegally, and bringing a large cop presence to Jamestown. After a conflict between the Vagos and Luca Gambino ended in Luca being gunned down, Mav Doretto came by to save Luca and get him out of the hospital. From seeing this, Jesus connected all of the gangs of Los Santos to Mav and Street Dreams and decided to wage war on both the Sanchez's in the South and Street Dreams employees. Jesus, fully backed by his cousin, rallied the rest of the active Vagos to conduct multiple drive-bys on the Street Dreams lot and shoot down all Sanchez's in the South. One of the most prominent shootings involved Jesus rolling up to the lot in a stolen cop car and shooting Khloe Leaves down from the window. Drive-bys have also occurred at the Irvine Used Car lot and Alexis Freeman's tattoo shop in Vinewood. As a result, almost the entire criminal world of Los Santos, including The Lost MC from the North, jointly agreed to blacklist the Vagos and some even enacting a "shoot on sight" policy.

Una Nueva Era[]

Original South Side Vagos

In the time since Jesus and Nacho ran the streets of Jamestown and Carson, many have come and gone. Arrio Chavez was one of the greats who came to Los Santos and led the Vagos into an age of prosperity and respect after the actions of Jesus and Nacho left Jamestown as a veritable war-zone. With hard work and dedication, Arrio rebuilt the Vagos into a powerful force and re-secured Jamestown from Grove Street. Not through violence or war, but negotiations and deals.

During this time many Vagos rose and fell. One such member was Paco Gonzalez. Paco arrived at the tail end of Arrio’s time of leadership. Paco was the first in a long while to break the chains of Jamestown and cultivate working relationships with groups like VK, Grove and Tribe.

After The Gambino War, most of the Vagos were gone save for a select few. Paco worked hard to try and assume control of the Vagos however members like Pancho and Rory Lucas made that impossible. Before long Paco left the Vagos to pursue his own endeavors elsewhere. The Vagos fell into disarray for a time before Pancho assumed control of the Vagos.

However Pancho would disappear before long leaving Vagos to become inactive.

Several faces appeared in this quiet time but none would last.

Some months later a new group of Vagos began to appear on the radar however this new group, The Big Horn Locos, were far more aggressive and confrontational than their predecessors. They would attempt to take Jamestown for themselves by force. This branch of Vagos, made up of members like Eduardo and Sancho Escalante, Dante Nunez, Raphael Ramirez and others would fight hard and strong for Jamestown. However they were roped into a war they had no part of due to the reckless actions of member Dante, who saw himself as leader. Dante threw his lot in with CCG and Logan Marshall during a conflict with Grove. This brought all Vagos into this fight despite having no stake in it.

Dante was attempting to seize control of Vagos and in doing so sought aid from an old face of the Vagos, Paco Gonzalez. Paco attempted to aid them in rebuilding Jamestown, but due to deception from Dante and the damage he had caused, Paco instead separated himself from the Vagos by leaving Dante at the Sandy Boat house, a cracked skull from a baseball bat as his punishment. Paco would soon disappear from Jamestown for good, taking with him cousins Eduardo and Sancho.

In the Summer of 2020, Diego Lopez would be the first sighting of Yellow in the city in months and he was quick to gather the shattered remnants of the Vagos back to Jamestown. With survivors like Raphael Ramirez, Miguel Vargas, and new found members like Raul, Ramiro, and Javier joining him.

Diego received the blessing of Grove to be present in Jamestown, provided they played ball with the “law of the South”. Making connections with the Fontana Family and Death Dealers, Vagos went from non-existent to “established” in a matter of days.

Former Members / Inactive Members / Deceased Members[]