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Luca Gambino is the owner of Gambino Barbers in Mirror Park and the leader of The Gambino Family. He is an older man with a slight Liberty City accent.


Luca Gambino has Italian heritage but comes from the Liberty City area. It is thought that Luca is starting up an Italian Mafia in Los Santos along with about 5 others, all of a similar Italian heritage. Most of those members also align with his workers at Gambino Barbers, which is based out of a shop in Mirror Park. He and his crew of people have recently aligned themselves with the organization 1% through Khloe Leaves and have done some small missions together such as holding up Medic Anna May for her morphine sticks.


Luca entered into a car chase with a motor unit led by Trooper Dazzler when another Trooper, Langley, found his car to be stolen and smelling of marijuana. This led to a car chase which eventually turned into a foot chase on a beach near the repair shop by the airport. Luca was shot down by Dazzler in the water. After being transported to Pillbox Medical and receiving treatment, he was taken back to Mission Row to be sentenced. During that period, Luca made multiple insulting references about Dazzler's fiance, Khloe Leaves, being in a coma and tried to expose Dazzler for his involvement with the 1%, which no one took seriously including Dazzler himself. He was eventually given an indefinite sentence due to 3 counts of vehicular manslaughter and his previous violent and destructive tendencies during car chases, then released on bail a day later.