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Lutrell "Fleece" Skinner is an outcast Biker from up North has come down to Los Santos to escape from his previous life. He is previous a member The Screaming Eagles before being patched over to The Lost MC.


Character Background[]

Lutrell Skinner moved from Sandy Shores to Los Santos to get away from his crazy Ex-Wife and to also get away from The Lost MC after he Skinned and killed a fellow "Brother" for sleeping with his wife. The FIB during the Investigation dug up old records of Lutrell that lead him to be Imprisoned for Fraud and served 18 Months in County. The killing of his "brother" is what caused him to be cast out from The Lost MC. Lutrell wears the Patches because he still feels like he's apart of The Lost MC. He now is starting with his own "D-Rug" Ring in Los Santos.

Lutrell Skinner was Patched over from The Screaming Eagles to The Lost as a former prospect to The Lost MC. He eventually became a patched member.

He disappeared from the city for reasons unknown.