Introduction Edit

Magnus Frank is a former morning reporter for Weazel News from somewhere in the Southern United States. He is previously an unpatched prospect for Death Dealers MC.

Biography Edit

Magnus previously was a Weazel News reporter.

He left his job behind when Weazel News began to cost him more money than he was making due to equipment issues. Due to his intense paranoia and mistrust, he decided to move out of the city and found himself living in the north. In his time there, he met with other bikers and shared their troubles as Grove began their war against bikers. He has staked his territory by becoming a prospect, after two attempts on his life, with the Death Dealers MC. He has since determined a parallel path and focus, but has dropped his prospect status with the Death Dealers MC.

To the public eye, Magnus has taken a job with a mechanic shop in town and begun a quiet life once more in the city. Taking a passive role, he has never been seen wearing a biker cut nor has ever been seen with a patch.

While prospecting, he has never been seen with other Death Dealers unmasked while riding with them. He used a mask and voice changer he put together during his time as a drug trafficker. Within the club he went only by Warlock, a name given to him by Hooch. The reason behind this was for his own amusement, seeing what would become of it. Nowadays, he has fully dropped the Warlock name after departing from the MCs and considers it open knowledge.

While working legitimately, such as with his fishing operation or at BBC, he does not conceal his identity--displaying an extremely warm and welcoming personality.

Many have tried to figure out where Magnus and his loyalties lie, but so far only assumptions can be made. He openly states he wants nothing to do with his former life or time, focusing on the life of a civilian.