Introduction Edit

Malachi O'Brienne is a former upper-echelon member of The Irish faction and part owner in O'Doyle Industries.

Biography Edit

Malachi is originally from a very small coastal town called Mordent (pop. 5,500) in the Republic of Ireland.

At the age of six or seven (he can't recall), Malachi was adopted by his maternal grandmother who lived in Liberty City after his father, an Irish Gardaí, killed his mother. This is how he has his American citizenship but has also retained his heavy Irish accent. When his grandmother passed several years later, Malachi found himself stuck in the foster system until finally escaping to the streets of Liberty City. Awhile later, he was discovered by an Irish crime syndicate and employed as first a thief, then an enforcer.

The good life didn't last long for Malachi or the Irish Mob in Liberty City. After relations soured with the Italians, Malachi and his new family found themselves outnumbered and outgunned. Malachi was barely able to make it out of Liberty City in one piece, with most of his former "family" dead or in parts unknown. Fleeing for the greener pastures and new start of Los Santos, Malachi has only shared this story with Amanda Hannigan, his live-in girlfriend and confidant.

Coming to Los Santos, Malachi was directed to The Irish and Finnian O'Doyle by Archie Cooper. Embracing the new group as a second chance at family and working at the Face Down Ace Up, Malachi has begun to become disenchanted with The Irish due to both lack of direction and motivation after the gang war between The Grove Street Family and The Gambino Family.

Encountering Amanda Hannigan one night while working at Face Down Ace Up, Malachi and Mandy became fast friends and eventual lovers. In that time, Mandy has shown Malachi what he can obtain on his own if he plays it smart and without the dream of what The Irish could be holding him back. For the first time since Liberty City, Malachi is starting to see his own potential and aggressively pursuing his goals.

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