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Manny McDaniels was a member of The Lost MC and former Vice-president of the club, he was also the 'brains' behind the weed farm's operations.


He joined The Lost MC, and was the 'brains' behind the weed farm operation which is controlled by The Lost. He later became Vice-President.


Manny sat at the dock on July 20th and waiting for a meeting to begin. He looked at his phone one more time to see if Bob, Jack, or Alexis has gotten back to him, but there was nothing. A luxury car arrived and a man in a suit got out. Manny approached him, obviously familiar with who it is. The man stated: "You trusted the wrong people, Manny". The man then shot Manny twice in the chest. A Tribe member arrived on a Sanchez and words were exchanged between the Tribe and the man in a suit. Manny reached into his vest and clutched the Family Tarot card with his last breath, whispering something inaudible to himself.