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"I live on Grove Street. With my brothers."
―Maria Romano


South side born and raised, Maria Romano is the 20 year old sister of Grove member Marco Romano. She resurfaced in Marco's life after a severe beating from her boyfriend of two years drove her to Marco's doorstep in the middle of the night. She is enrolled at ULSA in their business program and is the event coordinator for the Vanilla Unicorn.


Marco and Maria grew up on the South Side near Forum, though it's been hinted that their childhood wasn't always so bleak. At the age of 8, Maria's father was put away for life for reasons unknown to her, being too young to understand at the time, after which Marco did his best to take care of his mother and sister. There is an 8 year age difference between the two.

At the age of 17, Maria moved to Vinewood to go live with her then boyfriend Jake (off screen character), who is known to have been abusive. Two years later, when he finally snapped hard enough to put her face through a TV screen, Maria ran back home and turned up at Marco's. A few days after crashing at her brother's place, Maria's personal items, including her art supplies, appeared at the apartment. Jake was never heard from again. He is presumed dead.

Maria's former associations with crime are unclear, though she appears to have a knack for pushing product and information gathering, and shows promise in business. While Maria is not a blooded-in Grove member, she is a close associate and member of the family.