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Marshall Law is a crazed lunatic and violent criminal who tends to hang around Harry Brown.


Marshall's voice is notably damaged, likely in correlation to the burn scarring on his lower face that he hides with a bandana. His face is always painted black with a white skull covering the front of his face.

The 9's[]

After stealing a car and running to a convenience store on March 25th, 2018, Marshall was found by Trooper Mike Boscoreli and ordered to come out with his hands up. Marshall eventually complied, but not before trying to flee multiple times and refusing to talk except to insult the troopers. He was taken to the cells at Mission Row and asked to show his ID, which he refused because he held no ID on him. He also refused to be fingerprinted. Eventually, Boscoreli was called away to a 911 at Parson's Clinic, so Director Tony Andrews ordered him to be sentenced to an indefinite hold until he would provide identification. As of now, Marshall has not been released.