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Maxine Beauchene is on a journey to prove to her father back in Marseilles that she can handle the family business, little did he know that Los Santos is a city full of crime. As she is young and inexperienced Max is looking for someone to help her learn what it takes to be the boss. Used to getting what she wanted as a child, Maxine has become somewhat talented in persuading others to give her what she wants, but tries to remain honest & humble, and working very hard for what she wants.


Maxine was accidentally stabbed by Donny Donnerson on February 24th, 2019. She was being interrogated by members of Grove about her being seen with Orlo Crenshaw before she knew that Orlo had ratted on Archie Cooper to the cops. It was an accident, as Donny believed that Archie Cooper had ordered him to "do it". In reality he had said "Stay with Donny" to Max, while Archie talked with Marco about whether they believed her. Archie ordered Marco to take Max to the hospital, where she was stabilized and stayed overnight. The next day, Max promised Archie that she would not tell the cops what happened after he threatened that he would kill her if she did.

Before this, Archie Cooper and Maxine were in Archie's Carbonizzare when they ran into Pete Jones, a homeless man who tried robbing Jessie Slater in her tow truck south of Olympic freeway, which Archie had warned him once before. With Maxine in the car, Archie pulled alongside Pete, advising him of the warning he had given him beforehand and then pulled his Glock 18C from his lap and shot it into Pete Jones' chest, thus murdering him then and there, with Max as a witness.

Archie drove Max to a secluded area in the north, and spoke with her about the incident, wherein Max promised not to tell anyone.