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The Midnight Club is a street racing crew created in 2018 by Eric Vinter and Anton Belov. The crew host car meets and both legal and illegal races. The group runs the SpeedStars Auto Performance but anyone up for racing is allowed to become a member. Midnight Club encourages it's members to spread out, race non members and join other crews and businesses.


The club was founded in 2018, initially under the name Rogue. The crew built up a reputation and hosted tournaments spanning weeks with several race days each week. The goal of the Midnight Club was, from the beginning, to be as inclusive as possible, and provide the people of LS with some fun. Several events were hosted with participants from both sides of gangs at war, who would agree to a truce during the races.

Anton Belov left the city in late 2018 and was replaced as main organizer by Cliff Hanger.

After a hiatus, Midnight Club has returned in late 2019.