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"You're an ass-eater, Jeff"
―Mike Lemonade
"You dickhater!"
―Mike Lemonade


Mike Lemonade is the heir to a vast Lemonade company and fortune. A freak lemon related factory accident left him in a coma after sustaining head trauma, leaving him with no memory of his life prior to the accident.


Mike favored wearing yellow themed clothing and owned a yellow motorcycle. He dyed his hair from bright yellow to bright red, in a show of support to SecuroServ with whom he aspired to work for at the time. He later was forced to shave his head after an accident caused him to lose clumps of his hair, and was forced by Freddy Price to get a tattoo of the SecuroServ logo on his forehead in a similar manner as Freddy Price.

A once keen vlogger and self-proclaimed "bad boy", Mike is a convicted felon having been sentenced multiple times for assault, speeding, and eluding the police.

Whilst training to become a SecuroServ agent by shadowing Frank Murdock and Jack Deakins, he confided that he enjoys "slapping his lemons" and has a leg fetish, much to the bewilderment of the SecuroServ agents. After working more closely with Freddy Price on a number risky tasks which included; "interrogating" a reporter investigating the company, and helping him escape from the police after assaulting the Police Chief. Mike impressed his new boss and was recruited full-time into SecuroServ as a junior agent.

Relationship with the Oki Doki Literature Club[]

Mike's previous vlogging career only managed to bring negative consequences. The worst of which was when a crazed fan named Oki Doki, stuffed herself in a storage crate and shipped herself from her home in Tokyo Japan all the way to Los Santos to meet her idol. After being advised by Deputy Mike Bayo to look for the owner of the Oki Doki Literature club, Oki Doki and Mike soon ran into each other and went on a date in Freddy Price's car.

At the Playboy Mansion, Mike gave Oki a list of people he disliked. He called this his "Dickhater List". The list included names like Assistant Chief Gunnar Mason, Deputy Bayo, James O'Reilley and other people he disliked. Oki, however, added two other names to the list, as she thought it was only fair, and they were getting in her and Mike's way. Those names were Freddy Price and Jeffrey Connors.

Sometime in February, an overly attached Oki Doki kidnapped and shot Mike's adopted mother, Mama T, for interfering with their relationship, Mama T fortunately survived. Later that day, Oki began texting Mike hints to a possible marriage along with riddles on where to find her. The hints and riddles led Mike, along with Jeff and Frank, to the O'Neil Ranch in Grapeseed where Oki Doki was awaiting their arrival. In the basement/meth lab of the O'Neil house, Mike met with Oki who appeared to be wearing a wedding dress. She demanded that they get married, with Jeff and Frank being the witness of the impromptu marriage. The ceremony came to an end when Mike tricked Oki into closing her eyes, he then pulled out a machete and began attack her. Mike left the basement shortly after with Jeff while Frank stayed behind for a moment to ensure that she'd be dead. Several months afterward, Oki would somehow return to continue stalking and tormenting him.

On April 18, 2018, Mike encountered Oki Doki throughout the day. The first encounter occurred when Oki rammed Mike's SecuroServ SUV on the highway with her taxi cab which disabled both vehicles. Mike then fled from Oki and was able to get away by jumping onto the back of a tractor-trailer. When on his way back to retrieve the SecuroServ SUV, Oki appeared and proceeded to hit Mike with the truck and kidnap him. When they arrived at their destination Oki explained how the P.D. had the "Dickhater List" in their possession and how it will be used in a court case against Mike. The second encounter took place at SecuroServ HQ, in which Oki proposed that she'd kill both officers Mike Bayo and Tony Andrews in exchange for the death of Frank Murdock. Mike refused but was forced to play along with Oki's plan after she threatened Mike and SecuroServ. The third encounter occurred at the police department on Mission Row, where Mike waited for an officer to ask if he had any warrants on him relating to the "Dickhater List". Oki arrived at the police station but before anything could happen Mike Bayo arrived and sent Oki off on her way, as well as informing Mike that he did not have any warrants out on him. When returning to SecuroServ HQ Oki appeared once more to remind Mike of his duties, referring to his duties as a husband and as partners in crime.

On April 19, 2018, while on duty at Irvines' Auto Emporium, Mike was contacted by Tammi Smith who was an assistant-for-hire looking to buy a car. Mike was then texted by Oki implying that she was nearby and watching over Mike. She asked who the lady (Tammi) was that he brought to the lot as well as threatening her. Oki then went to the lot in a stolen car several times to torment Mike by opening the trunk of the vehicle, alluding to kidnapping him again. Tammi Smith, who at this point had shown interest in Lemonade, confronted Mike on the situation between them. In hopes of protecting Tammi, Mike tried to separate himself from her but Oki continued to terrorize them both and felt that it was irresponsible to leave Tammi alone, so he offered her a tour of businesses in the city that might hire her. During the tour, Tammi mentioned her first encounter with Oki, but Mike kept Tammi in the dark about his relationship with Oki. The tour came to an end when visiting Bolingbroke Penitentiary where Oki Doki was waiting out front, most likely released from prison, which forced Mike to leave the area. After a brief thought, Mike decided to stop running and went to confront Oki along with Tammi. Oki ended up joining the two while informing Tammi of Mike's relationship with her. After driving into the city Mike crashed the SecuroServ SUV and fled the vehicle while notifying Tammi via text to flee as well. After hiding for a brief moment, Leon Church and his group came to pick up Mike and Tammi. Mike was able to retrieve the SecuroServ SUV and flee from Oki who was nowhere to be found. Leon met with Mike to inform him that he is not legally married to Oki, giving Mike some relief. Mike parted with Tammi, leaving room for improvement on their relationship.

Later that night, Mike planned to have Father Marcus perform an exorcism on Oki who surprisingly agreed on making an appointment, but this was rescheduled. Things took a turn for the worst when Mike returned to a damaged SecuroServ SUV. When he went to investigate he was ambushed by Oki Doki and notorious criminal Tony Corleone who forced him to drop his belongings and get into the back of the SUV. They brought Mike to a cliff off of Great Ocean Highway where he was held at gunpoint. Oki wanted to kill Mike for the way he's treated her while Tony wanted to hurt SecuroServ as retaliation for taking his grandmother away (Fanny Price) which led to an argument with each other. At this point, Mike took the opportunity to escape by jumping down the cliff and into the ocean. After a brief chase, Mike was able to escape Oki's wrath by jumping onto a flatbed, while unknowingly to him Oki had done the same. When he reached Paleto, Mike was ambushed by Oki and viciously stabbed in the back with Tony arriving shortly after. The two of them brought Mike up into the nearby hills to continue where they left off. After a failed attempt at persuading them, Tony proceeded to cut off Lemonade's pinky finger to prove his point to SecuroServ. Tony then pointed his gun at Oki once more explaining how doesn't want Oki to be a liability to him and his plans, Oki agreed and went along with Tony leaving Mike behind to his injuries. Fortunately for Mike, locals were able to contact the police who then came and rescued him. Mike was transported to a hospital in the city where he was treated for his injuries and afterward began speaking with Trooper Sanderson along with Leon Church about what had occurred. Mike proceeded to explain the situation and gave up Tony and Oki's names and involvement, Sanderson then informed Mike that the SASP will work on finding them. The night ended with Church giving Mike his hotel room to stay the night.

On April 22, 2018, Mike and Zeke Anderson met at SecuroServ HQ to discuss Oki and how they will be dealing with her. They came up with a plan to trick Oki into meeting them by having Zeke text Oki pretending to be Freddy Price. Mike also suggested that when they've set up the meeting, he'd be placed in the trunk of Zeke's car with a shotgun and ready to spring their trap. After patrolling around the city for a while, Oki finally took the bait and agreed to meet at the Humane Labs parking lot. Mike was placed in the trunk of Zeke's car. Oki arrived alone on foot with no vehicle and soon realized that it was not Freddy she was meeting with. Mike then jumped out of the trunk with his shotgun and proceeded to kidnap her. Unfortunately for Mike and Zeke, they did not seize her phone or weapons. They drove to a house near the El Gordo Lighthouse where Mike proceeded to take Oki out of the trunk with a shotgun to her face. Before they could kill Oki, she revealed that she called the police who were on their way which forced Mike to flee into the ocean nearby to avoid contact with the police, leaving Zeke behind. Things went from bad to worst when Mike began to drowned due to the heavy tactical gear he was wearing which led him to fall into Trooper Boscoreli's custody. Bosco began questioning Mike on what had occurred but avoided telling the truth in hopes of not getting slapped with a kidnapping charge. Both Zeke and Mike were then brought to the Sandy Shores Sheriff Station where Zeke was sent to jail for forty-nine months and a fine of five thousand dollars. Surprisingly, Mike was not charged or sent to jail. Shortly after, Mike met with Leon Church and the SASP to file a restraining order against Oki Doki which stated that she could not be within one hundred feet of Mike otherwise she would be charged with failure to comply with a lawful order.

Later that day, Mike and Zeke were hired as security by Candy Moist and Tig O'Connor for an event taking place at the Sisyphus Theater. During the event, Mike recognized someone in the back of the stands who then ran off into the hills nearby. Mike went to investigate but ran into Troopers who informed him that Oki Doki was somewhere up in the hills. After the event, Mike and Oki agreed on meeting each other face to face with no one else and no schemes. They decided to meet at the O'Neil Ranch where Oki and Mike had their impromptu marriage and where Oki was brutally assaulted by Frank Murdock. Mike and Oki began talking about the past events that had occurred between them, the death Oki's parents, and where things will go from now. Mike revealed to Oki that Frank Murdock was murdered along with his pinky being severed suggesting that Tony Corleone is possibly responsible. It came to an end when Mike pulled a knife and stabbed Oki in the gut, he then pulled out a sawed-off shotgun to finish the deed but before doing so, Oki suggested that Mike was responsible for Frank's death and continued to taunt him which forced Mike into a state of distress. Mike then proceeded to shoot, stab, and even used chemicals from the nearby meth lab, in hopes of finally putting her to rest. After the deed was done he removes himself and his messages from Oki's phone then frantically flees from the O'Neil ranch on his bike, leaving Oki to her demise.

Sometime after the death Oki Doki, Mike would come into contact with other members of the Oki Doki Literature Club, including Choki Yu, Su Shi, and the supposed mastermind behind all of Mike's woes, Monika Esu.

On August 11, 2018, Mike received a text message from Monika Esu to meet him at the morgue to show him something. In the morgue, Monika informed Mike that she was Choki, Su Shi, and most importantly Oki Doki all along which frighten and confused Mike. She then demanded that Mike open up one of the cold chamber doors, telling him that the original body of Oki Doki was inside, the one Mike has brutally murdered. Upon opening the door, Mike was struck with fear after seeing the mutilated body of the Oki. After asking who the girl really was, Monika explained she was someone she had to replace with herself, possibly alluding to taking the original Oki Doki's identity for her self. A note was found within the corpse's mouth which read, "Daisuki Senpai". Monika Esu repeated the words in Oki Doki's voice, causing Mike to cower in fear. After a brief conversation between the two, Monika emphasized how no one was to learn of Monika's secret while also telling Mike that they should go on a date. Mike took Monika to the Del Perro Pier for their date where Monika asked Mike if he had taken care of anyone on the "Dickhater List" in which he replied that he didn't. Monika proceeded to praise Mike for showing her that he can kill with the murder of the original Oki Doki which Mike asserted that he was forced to do it and not pleased at all. The date ended abruptly when Mike accidentally mentioned Jeffrey Connors who she threatened to harm if he were to get in her way. Mike fled from Monika by jumping off the pier into the ocean in hopes of getting to Jeffrey before she could. Later that day, Mike went to the Greenwell Skies airstrip where Jeffrey worked part-time to warn him of Monika. She had then appeared at the airstrip and startled Mike, fortunately Kurt Leonard was able to interfere by giving Mike his car to send him off so that he could possibly deal with Monika. After fleeing from the airstrip in Leonard's car, Monika was spotted chasing after him on motorcycle. After a brief chase on the highway, Monika shot out the tires of the vehicle causing him to spin out and crash. Monika forced Mike at gunpoint to get on the motorcycle and they fled the scene. While on their ride, Monika questioned Mike on what he had told Jeffrey at the airstrip they then rode through Paleto where Mike was able to escape and later get picked up by Jeffrey with Monika chasing close behind. Jeff was able to safely evade Monika and had Mike spent the rest of the night under his protection.

On August 12, 2018, Mike was enjoying a quick snack before going on duty but realized that Monika Esu somehow sneaked her way into his vehicle, forcing Mike to take her along with him on his patrol. On their impromptu ride-along, Monika continued to question Mike on what he had told Jeffrey Connors about her at the airstrip yesterday, she then explains how she just wants Mike and herself to be together and happy. Mike decided to take Monika to the house where he killed Oki Doki, the house that Monika believes is their home. At the house, Monika demanded that they go to the basement so that she could proclaim her undying love for Mike. She also claimed that she would harm Jeffrey Connors if he continues to get in her way which made Mike nervous. He was able to make a swift escape from the house but unfortunately didn't make it far as Monika chased after him in his own vehicle, striking him and injuring his leg. The two drove back to the city and continued to talk about Jeffrey and what Monika wishes to do which was to fix the relationship between her and Jeff but would not be able to do so without Mike's help. Monika demanded that Mike arrange a meeting between her and Jeff so that she can clear up any misunderstandings between them. The meeting was to take place at the canals but it was canceled as Jeff didn't show so Monika decided to have Jeff over for dinner at the house instead. Back at the house, Monika began cooking Mike's favorite, spaghetti and meatballs, which Mike took the opportunity to make another escape. After a moment of hide and seek, Mike was able to successfully escape the house and from Monika's grasp making his way down the highway on foot. On his way back into the city, Mike was found by Trooper Kira Light but also by Monika who happened to appear at the same time. Mike tried his best to clue Kira in what was happening, fortunately he was able to leave with the trooper safely without Monika. Kira Light questioned Mike about the situation, offering Mike to get a restraining order on Monika but he avoided telling the trooper anything that could get the police involved. The night ended with Mike going to the hospital to retrieve treatment for the leg wound he received earlier in the day.

On August 14, 2018, during a bike ride with Zeke, Mike was contacted by Monika Esu who seemed disappointment in Mike for what happened the last time they were together. Mike met with Zeke at the HQ to inform him about Monika but was interrupted when she appeared at HQ. Zeke tried to encourage her to leave but was unsuccessful but he was able to pull Mike aside before Monika could question him about what happened the other night with Trooper Light. Zeke told Mike that he had to make a choice to either give in or to friend-zone Monika. Mike chose to friend-zone her, which she responded by accusing Mike of having feelings for Light which made Monika jealous. Zeke was able to calm down the situation by convincing Monika that Mike is not right for her and she should move on. Monika surprisingly agreed that it was time to move on and ended the conversation by telling Mike that perhaps he was the crazy one all along, insinuating that everything bad that had happen between them was all in Mike's head. Before leaving, Monika insisted that Zeke take her out on a date and that she would be anticipating his call. Later that day, Mike received texts from Monika who seemed to be up to her usual antics which confirmed that she was pretending to be over Mike in front of Zeke. She demanded that he do everything she says or else she would make things worst for him. The last text Mike received from Monika implied that she wasn't going to give Mike a break and will continue to torment him for breaking her heart. Mike's day took a turn for the worst when he and Zeke were riding through town, someone in a grey SUV began chasing and firing at them. Zeke unfortunately was gunned down but Mike was able to escaped into a nearby parking lot. Mike called 911 and was able to get Zeke to the hospital while informing the cops of what had happened. Zeke confirmed that it wasn't Monika but another women who Zeke had provoked earlier which gave Mike somewhat of a relief.

On August 18, 2018, Mike and Alexis Freeman were at the city parking lot when approached by Monika Esu. Monika demanded that Mike introduce Alexis in which he told her she was the "Scone Queen" to avoid giving out Alexis' real name so that Monika might not harm her in the future. Unfortunately, Alexis introduced her self since she did not know who Monika was. Monika wished to talk to Mike but he refused stating that they had ended their relationship the last time they met. After leaving the lot with Alexis, Mike informed her of who she was and how he did not want to be with her. Via text, Monika told Mike that she was going to take everyone he loves for breaking her heart which put Mike on high alert, he also warned Jeffrey as he might be Monika's first target. Jeff tasked his agents in looking out for Monika and was put directly under Alexis Freeman's care. Alexis and her own crew arranged a plan to meet with Monika using Mike to set up a meet, unfortunately Monika ran into some sort of trouble and couldn't make.

Incident at the Airfield[]

During a meeting with Jeffrey Connors and Zeke Anderson at the Sandy Shores airfield that was intended to help Mike cope with past events and resolve Jeff and Mike's relationship, Mike attacked Jeff with a nightstick in an effort to stand up for himself against the continuous verbal abuse. After being hit, Jeff tells Mike that he is suspended from SecuroServ without pay and then knocks him out with another nightstick. While he is down, Jeff says that "All I wanted to do is look out for you". After being taken to the hospital, Mike recovered but lost all memory of knowing Jeff. He was told that Jeff was his "friend, coworker, big brother, and role model". Ever since the incident, Mike has started acting more mellow and professional than usual. He started taking pills that he won't reveal the name of to anyone.

Death of Frank Murdock[]

On April 15, 2018, Freddy Price informed Mike of a recent incident that involved Frank Murdock quitting SecuroServ. After arming themselves with shotguns, Freddy and Mike went out to find Frank but was interrupted when a police cruiser began following them. During their ride, Freddy told Mike that Frank was in trouble with the police for shooting up Mike Bayo of the SASP. Freddy then ordered Mike to go and find a vehicle that they could use to possibly find Frank more discreetly. Mike went back to pick up Freddy and began their search for Frank who was hiding from the police somewhere near Hawick Avenue. After they found Frank, they all drove up north into the Mount Chiliad State Wilderness. After a conversation between his boss and colleague, Freddy Price pulled a pistol and shot Frank twice in the back of his head, Mike went in to check Frank's pulse and confirmed his death. Mike asked his boss if he was sure that was the right thing to do in which Freddy replied: "I'm not sure about anything anymore, Mike". Freddy then orders Mike to cut off Frank's pinky finger for an unspecified reason then walks off for a moment, Mike goes in but notices Frank's signature flask which he takes. Before taking his pinky Mike apologizes to Frank while questioning whether or not Freddy's actions were in the right, then continued to cut off Frank's pinky finger. Mike and Freddy proceeded to place Frank's lifeless body into the trunk of the car and drive off to the Hill Valley Church cemetery in Vinewood where they would bury his body next to his daughter, Lily Murdock. A week later at the Yellow Jack, Mike was informed by a grieving Jeffrey Connors that Frank was found tortured and killed.

The Split of SecuroServ[]

On August 5, 2018, at the SecuroServ HQ, Freddy informed Mike that when he is dead, he would leave the company to him. Fanny had just walked in on them and expressed her discontent with Freddy's treatment towards her and the way he was running the company going as far as mentioning Freddy's involvement in the death of Frank Murdock. Things escalated as Fanny announced that she would be leaving SecuroServ as well as filing for divorce. Fanny also confessed to taking all the money from the vault which made Freddy furious. The two continued to argue in front of Mike who was stunned by what was happening. Fanny then walked out of the HQ where Jeffrey, Alexis, and Shaggy were waiting to escort her out of there. In this moment, Jeffrey announced his leave from SecuroServ as well as telling Mike that he was kicked out of the house, again, making Mike even more confused. Freddy shot at Jeff and ran as the cops were no doubt looking for him for a prior incident earlier in the day that involved him knocking out two troopers and an off-duty medic. Freddy told Mike to call the police and report that money was stolen from the SecuroServ vault, which later led to Freddy's arrest as well as getting back the money that was taken. Mike roamed the streets as his family began to fall apart and felt lost, fortunately Alexis Freeman found Mike and took Mike up to the hills to have a chat in hopes of cheering him up. Later that day, Zeke and Mike met with Jeff at his house where they discussed what had happened. In this meeting Fanny accused Mike of being the second person involved in burying Frank Murdock which he denied. Jeff asked Zeke if he would quit SecuroServ in which he replied that he would never quit then turned to Mike saying "Scone bros for life". After everyone left, Jeff told Mike that when Freddy decides to kill him for whatever reason that he still has a place with him and Alexis. Several weeks after the incident Mike found out that Jeff had started his own company at Phoenix Corporation, a competing security company.

On August 31, 2018, SecuroServ encountered Phoenix Corp. at an Ammu-Nation parking lot. Freddy Price began insulting the members of P.C. which led to a confrontation between the two leaders in which Freddy swung a bat knocking Jeff down. A fight broke out between the two groups where Mike was take down by Wayne Wesson while Zeke took care of Wendy Schelier then took Wayne down. Freddy and Zeke went to get Mike into the trunk of their SUV but were unable to and forced to flee the scene. After the incident, Jeff was angry and disappointed at Mike for choosing to defend Freddy, he told him he had to choose but Mike felt trapped. At the hospital, Mike was being treated for his wounds and questioned by the police about the fight in which Mike claimed that he didn't see what happened or who started it. Afterwards, Freddy appeared at the hospital in full gear with his weapon in hand to get Mike out. A stand off between Freddy and the P.D. ensued after Freddy pointed his gun at trooper Derrick White who had entered the hospital after him. Mike was cuffed to the hospital bed and Freddy demanded that they give him the keys so that they can leave the hospital peacefully. After some back and forth between Freddy and the trooper, they finally decided to toss over the keys. Mike was release from the cuffs and given a pistol by Freddy who ordered him to walk on ahead. They were halted after Freddy was agitated by one of the troopers who were moving around, he then began firing off rounds at them. Freddy ordered Mike to pull out the pistol that he had given him, stating that if the P.D. were to shoot they would return fire. He then ordered Mike to walk out into the hallway where the P.D. were in cover practically using him as a human shield. Mike entered the hallway and began to raise his gun while nervously ordering the troopers to let them go. Gunshots began firing off between the troopers and Freddy while Mike was trembling in fear and unable to fire his weapon. Mike was left unharmed but Freddy and a trooper, Boscoreli, were downed after the brief shootout. Mike and Freddy were brought to Mission Row where Freddy informed Mike that he was going to be given an indefinite sentence until a court date was made. Mike was then release from Mission Row by trooper Amanda Hotchkiss who was involved in the stand off, she had a chat with Mike on the whole stressful situation informing him that if he ever needed help to call her. Shortly after being release, Mike encountered Alexis Freeman who was angry for how he treated Jeff she then threaten him by saying that if she wasn't busy she would put him down herself.

Later that day, Mike met with Aunt Gloria and the two had a conversation about what had happened earlier, Mike's feelings, and his future. Gloria advised Mike that he should do what he wants to do and not what others tell him to do. After the conversation with Gloria, Mike decided to meet with Jeff to talk about where their relationship stands. Mike and Jeff argued about the fight that occurred earlier in the day. Jeff began to state how much he cares about Mike and how he wanted to protect him but felt betrayed by him for continuing to side with Freddy. Mike explained that he is too deep in SecuroServ and unable to leave, he then revealed to Jeff that he was there when Frank Murdock was killed. Jeff explained to Mike that if he doesn't choose to go with him, he will not be able to protect him anymore. Mike began to express his feelings on being trapped and pulled by both sides, he was unable to decide what he wanted after Jeff gave him an ultimatum. A frustrated Jeff then walked away during the conversation, implying that he will no longer protect Mike if he didn't make up his mind.

On September 2, 2018, Mike Lemonade officially resigned from SecuroServ. He believed he just isn't cut out for the security business and he also wanted to make a choice that would be better for himself. Before resigning, he had his red hair dye removed, returning to his natural brown hair color, and met with Alexis Freeman to remove his signature SecuroServ tattoo from his forehead. He met with Zeke, who was put in charge of the company during Freddy's imprisonment, and informed him of his resignation on good terms. He explained that he was done with security and would not be joining Jeff's company at Phoenix Corporation but the relationship between the two brothers had been restored.

On September 13, 2018, Mike Lemonade attended Freddy Price's trial for the incident that took place at Pillbox Medical several weeks before, the shootout which involved Freddy Price, Mike Lemonade, and the Police Department. Mike was called up by the prosecutor, John Bailey, as a witness and to testify on the events that occurred at Pillbox Medical. The prosecutor started by asking Mike several questions on the relationship between Mike and Freddy. He then proceeded to question Mike about the incident that had occurred at the Ammu-Nation where SecuroServ clashed with Phoenix Corporation as well as the events that led up to the incident at Pillbox Medical. Mike continued to explain his view on both incidents. After John Bailey was finish, Freddy's lawyer began to cross examine Mike's testimony focusing on what exactly happened in the hospital from Mike's point of view. After some follow-up questioning from the prosecutor, Mike was overwhelmed with anxiety and began to urinate on himself. Mike's testimony ended and the judge called for a recess, Mike was later told to get a pair of clean pants.


  • When murdering Oki, Mike Lemonade stabbed her around 11 times, shot her 14 times with a sawed-off shotgun, and dumped chemicals over her body.
  • Though Jeffrey Connors jokingly stated that Mike has had several aggravated assault charges on women, Mike has in fact struck several women in the past including his ex friend, Sylvana Songweaver, which he assaulted with brass knuckles on the orders of Freddy Price. He has 50 confirmed assaults on women.
  • Mike owns a forklift in which he calls a "Coke-lift" due to the fact that he uses it for his cocaine stash.
  • Mike's favorite food include scones, spaghetti and meatball, and free fresh fish.
  • The house that Mike has bought from Shalom Homes, previously belonged to the notorious serial killer, Richard Oakes.
  • Mike's favorite band is Nickelback and his favorite song is "How You Remind Me".


  • Toressa John/Mama T - His adopted mother, often obedient when he's around her.
  • Gloria D'Angelo/Aunt Gloria - An aunt figure to Mike's who he met through his side-job at Macapone's Scrapyard.
  • Freddy Price - Mike's boss at SecuroServ who he is very loyal too but also fears.
  • Jeffrey Connors - Mike sees Jeffrey as his brother (often times Jeffrey is seen as a big brother to Mike even though he's 22 and Mike's 36).
  • Zeke Anderson - Mike calls Zeke his scone bro due to the fact that they both enjoy scones. Their relationship is both friendly and a bit antagonistic.
  • Monika Esu/Oki Doki - Mike's crazy stalker girlfriend and alleged wife.
  • Harold Wilson - Considered to be Mike's best friend (Separate from Jeffrey Connors).
  • Alexis Freeman - Mike considers Alexis to be his big sis/sister-in-law as she is married to Jeffrey Connors.

Notable Quotes[]


An outfit Mike uses in which he refers himself as Cuban Mike

An outfit Mike uses when he sells weed. He refers himself as the Securosaurus Rex