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Mike Sanderson is an ex-trooper of the San Andreas State Police.



After a heated argument over text with Ayda Clarke, someone who Sanderson had a crush on for a while, Sanderson took a large dose of some unknown painkillers and overdosed in the captain's office of the Mission Row PD on May 4th, 2018. Previously, he expressed interest in Ayda, but after not making any moves to date her Leon Church ended up coming in between them and started taking Ayda out on dates. Combined with Ayda resigning from the SASP, thought by Sanderson to be influenced by Church, he finally had enough. He was found by a medic after a panic alert went out and was quickly transported to the hospital where doctors attempted to treat him.

He survived the overdose and had a heartfelt conversation with Trooper McBride about feeling like he has no friends and no one to support him anymore. He felt like Ayda and Legs Macready, his only friends, abandoned him after he had to take weeks off to go to a family funeral. After Ayda came in to see him, they conversed about their lack of communication and apologized to each other for yelling. Ayda reassured him that they would have his back no matter what happened and told him to "just get better" and to get off of the alcohol and pills.

The Termination[]

On May 7, 2018. Sanderson was informed that after Director Andrews looked at his mental report from Parsons Rehabilitation Center that the SASP couldn't have any employees with substance abuse issues. Andrews informed Sanderson that his job with the SASP would be terminated immediately.

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