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Mikey Dewot is a common small-time criminal and adrenaline junkie in the State of San Andreas . His hobbies include Street Racing, simple non-violent criminal activities, relaxing on the beach, driving, hiking, skydiving, base jumping, and basically anything he can get a slight adrenaline rush out of.


Mikey Dewot, Born in Chicago, IL, grew up an orphan. He spent most of his childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home, oftentimes resorting to putting himself on the streets for days at a time. At age 15, he had his first petty theft charge, stealing food from a convenience store while he was on the streets for sustenance, and reportedly the police interaction was a dime a dozen interaction.

At age 16, Dewot moved in with his uncle for a short amount of time. A Detective Sergeant with the Chicago PD, his uncle oftentimes suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was an alcoholic at home. Dewot felt himself a burden to his uncle, and ended out leaving for the streets for the next few years. Reportedly, Dewot racked up a few more arrests and citations before and after his stay with his uncle, though the two never met again after the 6 month stay.

Mikey had substance abuse problems, brought about by his time on the streets and peer pressure from some of the other street kids he ran with, usually taking any sort of opioid pain killer he could get ahold of.

Mikey never found out about his parents, or any other family for that matter, during his stay with his uncle. After a few more years in Chicago, and losing his best friend to heroin overdose, he moved to San Andreas to try to start again.

Mikey Briefly dated Natalie Wynn of the Los Santos Police Department , which began after Wynn had a nearly fatal accident during a bomb defusal.