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Miles Jefferson is a low-level thief and extremely skilled driver.


Miles is best known for committing strings of store robberies, usually smash-and-grabs, and getting away in car chases. He has also held up a few civilians, stealing thousands of dollars. Miles even successfully held up a tour bus with about 6 people on board and robbed all of them. Miles always wears headphones and listens to loud music as he commits crimes, often making it hard for him to hear others.


Miles, in the midst of a string of robberies, encountered a car with Noah Pierce and Nancy Flutterbottom inside. Other cars were in the area, one of them being driven by Fanny Price. Miles attempted to rob Nancy and Noah, getting them out of the car and using Nancy as a human shield between him and Fanny, who had drawn a gun on him. After briefly stepping out from behind Nancy and trying to shoot Fanny, Miles was shot down by Fanny. When medics and police arrived, he was declared dead from his wounds.


  • The character Miles Jefferson was based on the main character from the movie Baby Driver