Biography Edit

Medicinal Weed User/Former Crop & Dispensary owner in Canada.

Must smoke multiple joints in order to deal with pain & PTSD from a car crash when he was 7. 

He was in the car with his parents & watched them both die. The crash was a result of a drunk driver speeding through Grove.

His goal is to open up the 1st Medical Dispensary in Los Santos, to sell medical grade THC & CBD products for those in need.

After living with his grandparents, who did the best for him, they left him their property of 40 acres. They died from a severe case of cancer, and had to watch them suffer in pain until their deaths.

Mitch buried himself in a bunker he had converted to a grow-house, perfecting his strain AlphaX for 10yrs, which is his 1st cross bred strain.

He thinks LS is in need of medical weed - all the gangs, the shootings, the killings, the madness. His hopes is that his strain will bring unity among the city.

Strain: AlphaX is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid that took him 10 years to perfect. AlphaX is a Combo Hitting strain, hitting 3 major areas. Sleep/Sleep Apnea, Anxiety, Pain Management.

The last time Mitch tested his strains THC content it was 45% pure. 

Education Edit

  • HS grad at age 16 in 1991
  • Minor in Business/Major in Ag BioChem at age 19 in 1994
  • Masters of Agricultural Science at age 24 in 1999
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