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"You got a cigarette there bud?"
―Moe Grimes

Moe Grimes was apparently a hero in the Vietnam war, but is now a conman. He is highly confrontational, and has an affinity for roasting people he finds stupid, or otherwise unlikable.


 Character Background []

Moe claims to have fought in the Vietnam war, killing Viet-Congs, Alligators, Sharks, Crocodiles, Kangaroos, and Drop bears. His most famous (and ever changing) war story is where he was awarded purple hearts for saving a number of friendly pow's, using a 'Fully loaded' RPG, and a grenade, throwing the grenade into the mouth of an enemy, or as he said another time he told the story, shooting it out of the RPG itself. The purple hearts were apparently awarded for hurting his foot a bit during this ordeal. According to his word, he has killed upwards of 20 people, even once spending the night huddled inside a Viet-Cong he killed, to brave the harsh Vietnamese winter.  

The Leather Man[]

After taking pictures of an apparent drug deal, Moe was approached by a man in a hoodie with a motocross helmet on, and after a verbal argument over the pictures, was knocked out and had his camera stolen. He was saved just in the nick of time, and put in a report with Tony Andrews. He then went off, in search himself for the man who knocked him out, and "The Leather Man" one of the men who had conducted the drug deal, who he described as 'Chewbacca' and wearing a dark brown leather jacket the same color as his skin. He eventually found the man who knocked him out, after describing his story to Torah Hart, and after asking for a cigarette, and insinuating he knew who this man was, rode off on his motorcycle while flipping him the bird.