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Introduction []

Mount Zonah Medical Center is a general hospital located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.It is bordered by Dorset Drive, Dorset Place, Rockford Drive, Abe Milton Parkway and Carcer Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.

Mount Zonah is one of the largest hospitals in Los Santos serving the western area of Los Santos. It has departments of Renal Dialysis, Medical Physics, Prosthetics, Outpatients Physiotherapy, Outpatients Surgical, Micro Surgery, Toxicology, Histology and Hematology, as well as a Tropical Disease Center and an emergency room. The hospital has associated research centers such as the Coffield Center For Spinal Research and the Harper Unit For Clinical Psychology.

Due to the location of the medical center in a wealthy area, it is presumably the hospital with the most advanced technology and equipment. The institution also has a big advertising budget and airs aggressive TV commercials accusing the Crusade Medical Center of having bad doctors and healthcare.

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